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"Rethinking Marketing" : How CMOs are building media companies within their Marketing Department Influencer
Joe Pulizzi
Content Marketing Institute, a UBM Company

Mondelez. Pepsi. Red Bull. Arrow Electronics. These are some of the largest B2C and B2B companies in the world, and each of them have created revenue-generating media companies as part of their marketing as a critical growth component. In this innovative presentation, marketing and publishing expert Joe Pulizzi will unwrap this new model of marketing, discuss the importance of building audience, and talk about how any company of any size can (and needs to) start preparing the way for this new form of marketing.

In this talk you will learn:

  • Why this new model is critical to marketing
  • How audience-building is the key, and how to do it effectively leveraging available channels
  • Understand how to integrate and staff this operation for future growth
  • Listen to a process on how to build, or possibly even acquire, the assets you need to make this happen

2017: The Year of Tough Choices Influencer
Michael Brenner
Marketing Insider Group

How the world's most successful marketers decide what to create, where to distribute it, and how to measure it. Facebook or Snapchat? Email or Youtube? Marketing automation or direct mail? Instagram stories or LinkedIn? It's never been easier to be overwhelmed with opportunities to market our products and services to ever growing audiences. Even the most resource-rich brands in the world have to make tough choices. How do we decide what's going to make the biggest impact on our business? It turns out some of the most successful marketers don't see these as choices. In fact, they think the answers are obvious. But how? In this presentation, bestselling author and speaker, Michael Brenner will uncover the simple framework you too can use to decide what activities will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. He'll show you how brands, big and small, have re-invigorated their marketing (and increased sales) by using one simple question that turns you into a champion marketer. You'll embrace the three easy approaches that turn complicated marketing decisions into obvious choices. And, most importantly, Michael will show you how to find the time and resources to do the things that have the greatest impact. Are you ready to rethink your 2017?

7 Human Behavior Hacks That Increase Engagement & Response
Nancy Harhut
Chief Creative Officer
Wilde Agency

The emerging field of "decision science" will soon have a game-changing effect on how marketers communicate. Evidence is uncovered every day by social scientists, neuroscientists and behavioral economists proving people are hardwired to behave in certain ways. And even though customers THINK they are in control, the fact is UP TO 95% of their purchase decisions are made subconsciously. And these automatic behaviors can be prompted! This has huge implications for marketing – how we conduct email campaigns, design pages and display ads, structure offers, write subject lines and content, etc.

By injecting these proven principles of social science into our digital and social creative, we can dramatically increase engagement and response. This session will explore how interactive marketers can incorporate decision science into their work – leveraging surprisingly persuasive scientific principles such as availability bias, scarcity, social proof and choice architecture.

Attendees will:

  • Discover how to hack hardwired human behavior to instantly up response
  • Learn the newest (and easiest) ways to make your copy and art trigger action
  • Gain proven tactics that will increase engagement and results – the next day! 

Account-Based Funnel: What you need to know for an ABM strategy that will increase ROI Influencer
Craig Rosenberg
Co-Founder and Chief Analyst

Join Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst from TOPO, as he presents the TOPO Account-Based Funnel which provides the framework organizations need to design, execute, and measure their account-based strategy. Craig will present specific examples of how world-class companies execute the framework - including how they looked before and after as well as the tools needed to execute immediately.

Account-Based Marketing: Yes, It Really Is That Good (and Getting Better All The Time) Influencer
Megan Heuer
VP, Research

It's a wonderful thing when a trend actually lives up to the hype, and account-based marketing surely delivers. What makes ABM special, compared to all those other so-called "game changers" in marketing we've seen come and go? ABM actually does change the game, but you have to play by new rules and use the right equipment if you're going to win big. It's OK to believe the ABM hype as long as you're willing to put in the right effort to get those great returns. What sets apart teams who realize the promise of ABM, compared to those who doom themselves to lackluster results and frustration?

In this session, you'll hear the secrets we've found out from our SiriusDecisions clients and what we know works best:

  • Why ABM is so attractive to top marketing talent, and how it inspires teams to deliver exceptional outcomes
  • How to set goals and define metrics for ABM that reflect the reality of what the shift to an account-centric model requires, while also showing business value
  • What technologies make up the ideal ABM stack to deliver both quality and scale for your program
  • How to avoid the biggest ABM mistakes

Aligned to Achieve: How to Unite Your Sales & Marketing Teams Into a Single Force for Growth
Andrea Austin
VP of Enterprise Sales
Tracy Eiler
Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and sales leaders are frustrated with each other. Alignment is an age-old problem, and it’s high time we got our collective act together. It’s the only way to survive and thrive against today’s changing buyer dynamic. This session is based on original research, content, and contributions included in “Aligned to Achieve”, a groundbreaking new book the first 250 attendees to arrive at the session will receive! The authors will discuss highlights of the book and give tips on how and why to get aligned. Want to know what misalignment is really costing you? Need practical advice on how to go after the problem? We’ll discuss real-world actions for improving your culture, processes, and technology, and you’ll learn the financial and strategic impact of getting alignment right.

Aligning the Stars: Global and Regional Teams Unite
Ashleigh Davis
Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation and Operations
Trend Micro Incorporated
Brendan Farnand
Director, Global Operations
Trend Micro Incorporated
Gary Verster
Senior Marketing Operations Manager
Trend Micro Incorporated

Marketing departments within global organizations face an interesting balance of aligning globally around a singular message, while giving regional teams the autonomy to execute a core strategy creatively. With 58 offices across five global business units, Trend Micro has mastered the art of transcending culture and time zones to build a functional team that works together flawlessly and executes seamlessly.

In this session you will learn how this organization managed a MarTech stack overhaul and you will walk away with practical ideas to:

  • Engage global stakeholders to reach common decisions
  • Standardize tools, processes, and operations
  • Spend more time executing your campaigns and strategies
  • Open channels of communication to enable collaboration and innovation
  • Establish common nomenclature, definitions, and a foundation for reporting and analysis

Beyond Basic Integration: Advanced Lead Lifecycle Workflows and Integration with MS Dynamics CRM Champion
Dan Stevens
Sr. Director, Digital Platforms and Channels
Avanade Inc

Designing and producing a complex, account-centric lead lifecycle in Marketo that aligns to your business is not an easy task. Integrating all of this with a CRM platform other than SFDC, presents additional challenges. In this session, learn how Avanade has built a complex, integrated lead lifecycle with MS Dynamics CRM; which enables them to effectively identify, assign, route and qualify leads; and measure Marketing's contribution to the business. In particular, the session will provide you with the following insight:

  • Challenges faced and how to overcome those challenges and issues
  • Enhanced workflows that leverage the new custom-sync filter of the Marketo CRM solution
  • Real-time alerts: tips on how to create detailed alerts that your sales teams will love
  • Scaling this framework in an environment that consists of 23 workspaces and lead partitions

Building a Strong Foundation: Using Marketing Data Management to Optimize Your Engagement Platform
Andy Caron
Marketing Automation Manager
Craig Varljen
EVP Channel and Business Development

Even the most sophisticated marketing engagement platform can struggle to deliver consistent results if it is not supported by a strong foundation – high quality data that is accurate, organized and complete. If the data foundation is weak, odds of success are slimmer. Without help, marketers remedy this problem by manually piecing together data to better target leads and segment campaigns. However, help is here.

How do you get business critical demographic and firmographic data about each lead to strengthen your foundation and take your results to new heights? Attend this session and hear how Panduit, a global provider of network infrastructure solutions, chose ReachForce, a leading provider of SaaS-based marketing data management solutions, to reinforce their database, adding important audience data points to optimize their marketing automation and personalization initiatives.

Learn how:

  • Using ReachForce, tightly integrated with Marketo, will validate, cleanse and enrich marketing data to execute more robust marketing programs
  • Continuous data quality management will impact marketing ROI by aiding more precise segmentation, routing, scoring, campaign management and reporting

Cognitive Marketing: The Rise of the Super Intelligent Marketer
Gerry Murray
Research Director, IDC - Marketing and Sales Technology

Marketers have already begun experimenting with self-learning intelligence (eg, chat bots). But in 2017, this will explode – and several dozen AI-enabled marketing applications will soon number in the hundreds. Within a few short years, IDC predicts that half of all companies will be using this new generation of computer intelligence.

Digital marketers must be experimenting with this technology and building it into their roadmaps now. Don't be left behind! Cognitive marketing is a competitive imperative for all marketers this year.

Join IDC digital maketing expert Gerry Murray to learn how cognitive marketing will be a game-changer for your business. Attend this session to learn:

  • What the heck is cognitive computing?
  • What are the Top 10 applications in marketing?
  • Which functions within marketing will be affected?
  • What steps should marketers take to get started?

Content & Social Are For Everyone Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Ellen Gomes
Sr. Content Marketing Program Manager
Lisa Marcyes
Social Media Marketing Manager

Whether you’re a scrappy team of two, a large global team, or working with an agency social media and content marketing are marketing tactics you should be using. This session, presented by Marketo’s Lisa Marcyes, Sr. Manager Social Media, and Ellen Gomes Sr. Manager Content Marketing, will share some tried and true tactics, and examples, for creating stellar content that work regardless of your industry or team size.

Create an Account-Based Marketing Strategy to Drive Consensus for Complex Sales Influencer
Ardath Albee
CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist
Marketing Interactions

B2B buying committees are growing, buying cycles are getting longer and the status quo has a firm grip on indecision. Marketers tend to focus on engaging one buyer at a time, rather than addressing the entire committee within targeted accounts and helping them to navigate the complexity of reaching consensus. By adopting an ABM approach, marketers will increase performance, as well as contribution to revenues.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How personas can help to orchestrate buying committee engagement;
  • Why content must inform and influence buying committee conversations—and how that works
  • How to address shifts in context at each stage of buying to keep momentum going

Creating and Managing a Lead Lifecycle in Marketo That Will Make Your Sales Team Happy Champion
Steve Susina
Marketing Director
Lyons Consulting Group

Achieving a well-managed lead lifecycle in Marketo requires equal parts negotiation between marketing and sales, strong change management, and technology know-how. A well-managed lead-to-revenue management process gives marketers the ability to see leads move through their system, and provides clarity on where marketers can provide deep insights to drive actions. In this session, you'll hear a practical, real-world approach on how one company traveled the journey to achieve the elusive lasting peace between marketing and sales. In this presentation, the audience will learn:

  • Finding common ground while defining a lead lifecycle: identifying stages within your revenue cycle, entry and exit criteria between stages, and reporting progress
  • Differences between Revenue Stage in Marketo and lead stage visibility in your CRM, and what you need to do to keep them in sync
  • A deep dive of the Marketo Smart Campaigns and reports created to keep lead flow organized and provide management with data needed for oversight
  • The presentation will include perspectives not only from marketing but the sales organization as well, with the inside sales team lead providing perspective from the sales org.

Data-Driven Growth Marketing: Twitter’s Secrets to Success
Josh Aberant

As marketing leaders, we hear all the time that we need to lead data-driven organizations. That we need to find empathy for our customers in our engagement programs and marketing automation. And that this is how we'll influence customer experience at scale. So how do we actually do that? Come hear the real-world story of Twitter’s “growthhacking” team – which grew active users from 100 million to more than 300 million in a few short years! Former Twitter growth team member Josh Aberant will share this rarely heard case study on how to implement growth marketing programs at all stages of the funnel – from acquisition through customer advocacy – in a data-driven way. Currently the CMO at SparkPost, Josh will also review the thinking, culture, team structure and programs required to build a data-driven marketing organization. He will also examine the key differences between B2B vs B2C growth marketing.

Digital Marketing in the Age of Cybercrime: RSA's CMO Reveals What Every Marketer Must Know
Holly Rollo
Chief Marketing Officer

Innovations in marketing technology have revolutionized how companies go to market. As a result, marketing has become the biggest buyer of technology in many companies. To quickly build out their modern marketing infrastructures, however, many CMOs are creating “shadow IT” groups to integrate the host of cloud-based applications that will become the digital engine for their sales teams and the front lobby of their brands. Traditionally, CIOs and CSOs have been responsible for securing enterprise and business IT infrastructure. But in the new digital marketing world, much of this infrastructure is now running without proper security oversight. Are CMOs and other marketing leaders unintentionally creating business and reputational risk for the very brands they should be stewarding? As modern marketers, we must now play a more active role in cybersecurity. In her talk, Holly will:

  • Share examples of security breaches (such as the DNC) which gained entry through marketing
  • Outline the needed cross-collaboration between security and marketing leaders
  • Offer security best practices for evaluating martech vendors
  • Unveil findings from new research polling marketing and IT leaders on cybersecurity

Driving Customer Obsessed Agenda: How to Make Your Customers Successful and Grow Your Revenue Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Anastasia Pavlova
Sr. Director Marketing

So you’ve acquired thousands of customers, now what? How do you ensure they use your products and keep coming back for more? Attend this session to learn about Marketo’s customer obsessed agenda and how they use Marketo platform to nurture customers throughout the entire lifecycle to drive customer success, retention and revenue.

Embrace Customer-Centric Measurement To Optimize Business Performance Influencer
Rusty Warner
Principal Analyst

On their own, traditional marketing campaigns are no longer effective. To meet ever-increasing customer expectations, successful marketers must leverage real-time insights to orchestrate contextually relevant interactions. The challenge is to align highly personalized outbound communications with customer-driven inbound interactions throughout the customer life-cycle. The evolution from campaigns to customer context enables brands to improve relevance and build sustainable competitive advantage. But measuring performance gets trickier as marketers struggle to relate individual interaction metrics to high-level business outcomes. And it's even harder to leverage contextual insights for continuous performance optimization.

This presentation will provide marketers with:

  • A framework for defining customer-centric KPIs.
  • Best-practice case studies for measuring contextual interactions.
  • Tips for embedding metrics within a performance management strategy.

Enterprise Marketing: The Essentials Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Charm Bianchini
Sr. Director Marketing

Need to drive pipeline to win big in the enterprise space? Join Charm Bianchini, Sr. Director of Enterprise Marketing, to discover how Marketo created an effective enterprise strategy to penetrate key markets and target accounts across multiple channels. We will also discuss the team structure, highlight top-performing programs, and review metrics we measure. If you are an enterprise marketer, this is a session you do not want to miss!

EXCEPTIONS: How brilliant marketers get bigger results by doing things their way Influencer
Jay Acunzo
Unthinkable Media

We are both lucky and unlucky to do business in our era. We're lucky because we have access to the world's information in an instant. If we don't have an answer, someone out there surely does. But we're unlucky because it's an absolute nightmare to make sense of all that stuff: millions of definitive guides, new trends, emerging channels, and experts barking rules at you. But guess what? While everything might feel like an absolute you must follow, it turns out YOU are the exception to all of it. In this fast-paced talk, documentary host and former content marketing executive Jay Acunzo will teach us how to make the leap from average and do the exceptional. You'll learn how to understand and thrive in the specific, messy context of your team, company, customers, and self, all of which makes all that generalized advice insufficient. And he'll encourage you to break from conventional thinking while making it all feel like the smart, obvious path. You'll walk away ready to make the leap from average to exceptional to stand out and have huge impact in a noisy world. It's not about spending top dollar, rethinking everything you do, or obsessing over the new trend or guru. It's about honing and trusting your own intuition as you take one simple step at a time. Are you ready to be an exception?

Fake It Til You Make It: A Practical Marketer's Guide to Taking Over the World
Dory Viscogliosi
Senior Marketing Operations Manager
Datto, Inc.
Jenn DiMaria
Marketing Automation Consultant
RevEngine Marketing
Juli James
Assistant Professor in Digital Marketing
St. Edwards University

The old adage "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" holds true today, but it boils down to so much more than just clothing. The worlds of Marketing, Technology, and Automation are constantly evolving, new technologies and ideas are being created, and nobody has all of the answers. But, what you can have is all of the confidence in the world, and you will go far. This session will go over the experiences of several women who have excelled in their careers with Marketo -- and not always because they had the experience that was a requisite for the position that they accepted. You will leave with the confidence that though you might not always know the answer, you will be able to get to the answer. You will also learn the techniques that these women use to ensure that they're viewed as leaders in their organization and their community, that can be used in your own life. Come empower yourself, and learn how to Fake It Til You Make It with some of the best of the Marketo Champions.

Fake News, Public Distrust & the New Era of Marketing
Gerry McGovern
Founder & CEO
Customer Carewords

Trust is not simply in decline in the Western world, it is plummeting – and across all major institutions including government, business and the media. Leadership is also in peril, with CEO credibility at an all-time low.

Traditional marketing has reached a crisis point. As customer attention becomes scarce, and cynicism, skepticism and distrust grows, traditional marketers – instead of trying to rebuild credibility – are feeding the fires with increasingly intrusive and annoying marketing and advertising.

The future of marketing? It’s all about engaging and retaining your customers, not getting new ones. Customers trust their peers far more than brands, so turn them into your best sales reps. To do this, marketing must become credible, real and useful – losing its obsession with the campaign, and the hunt to acquire new customers, and focusing more on service and creating genuinely compelling customer experiences.

Learn how your company can adopt a more customer-centric model of thinking and management. Join Gerry to hear key themes from his latest book, Transform: A Rebel's Guide for Digital Transformation, including:

  • How to evolve from organization-centric to customer-centric marketing
  • Understanding the customer-centric philosophy and approach
  • Building a management model founded in customer outcomes

Firefighter or Director of Marketing? Can you tell?
Bo Bandy
Director Strategic Marketing
Gogo Business Aviation

For most marketers, the career path includes time spent in a director-level role. If you’re not already there, then you’ve probably heard the saying, “The fastest way to get there, is to do the job you want,” so what does the job of a director of marketing look like?

This session will cover the ins and outs of being a director of marketing and how the role is not unlike one of being a firefighter:

  • Get and train a crew: hiring and growing the right team with the right skills to ensure the job gets done
  • Response time: identifying and prioritizing the most important projects
  • Battle the blaze: growing revenue in meaningful and sustainable ways
  • Ladders and hoses: picking the right tools for the right jobs
  • Reducing risk: measuring the right metrics to make the right budget and execution decisions

 If you’re currently a director of marketing or wanting to prepare for the next step, you’ll walk away with tips, tricks and best practices that will make you, your team and your company more successful.

Forrester Reveals the 7 Key Steps to Customer-Obsessed B2B Marketing
Lori Wizdo
Vice President & Principal Analyst for B2B Marketing

"Customers have radically changed their buying behavior in the post-digital world – and their expectations have skyrocketed. Yet, too many B2B marketers have failed to keep pace with their buyers. Marketing leaders must evolve – and quickly – from their traditional role of brand steward, lead-generation machine and sales supporter to become an architect of customer engagement across the entire customer life cycle. In this session, Forrester analyst Lori Wizdo will examine the current landscape of B2B practice, explore how changing buying behavior has created new challenges for marketers, and walk through a seven-step change agenda to help B2B marketers lead the transformation to customer-obsessed marketing. Attendees will also hear examples of marketing leaders who've successfully made this shift and the impact on their organizations."

From Marketing to Operations: How to Connect Your Nurture to Product Fulfillment with the API Champion
Alex Greger
Sr. Demand Generation Technologist
Hileman Group

Marketo, as a platform, is well-known for its ongoing nurture capabilities, sales enablement, holistic reporting, drag-and-drop functionality and many other great features. However, one aspect that does not receive much recognition is its API. Marketo’s API allows you to communicate and execute different tasks and capabilities with 3rd party platforms, such as CRM systems, ad tech, and many others. The API can be used for many different tasks, including data sharing, triggering tasks, and reporting. Utilizing Marketo and its API as a lead capture, qualifier and router can successfully build an ongoing product fulfillment program that connects nurture campaigns all the way through to product fulfillment using third party fulfillment companies. The example I will share was used to fulfill a sample product request for a sanitizing and cleaning agent for healthcare providers. In this presentation, you will learn how marketers (using a little custom dev help) can utilize Marketo and its API to automate and simplify a complex fulfillment operation that will save you time and money!

From Personalization to Individualization: Micro-targeting and Big Data Influencer
Michael Fauscette
Chief Research Officer

Personalization based on segmentation, when applied online, was the standard for the last 17-18 years. Amazon pioneered the use of shopping history and transaction data to target like segments. Today though, there’s just too much noise for personalization to continue to produce the kind of results you need. We are now in the age of micro-targeting or individualized campaigns based on big data and more granular social platforms. In this session we will look at: The difference between personalization and individualization including the technology to deliver; How to utilize available ad platforms and email to deliver to the correct audience, the individual; The role of big data, turned into smart data in the marketing process. This will include a more detailed look at traditional data brokers and the growing number of data as a service offerings; Case studies from recent examples of individualization in action

Frustrated by Your Marketing Dashboard? Hear Gartner's 8 Commandments for Strategic Dashboard Design
Martin Kihn
Research VP, Gartner for Marketing Leaders

Because humans are visual creatures, we tend to think of visualization as an innate skill. In fact, presenting data in visual form is a difficult craft – and it relies on principles that must be learned.

The most common application of visualization in marketing today is dashboards. So why are so many marketing leaders – from the CMO on down – still struggling to realize their value? Designed by analysts too far removed from the business, most marketing dashboards are heavy on numbers and charts, but skimpy on powerful decision support.

There is a solution. And it starts with the realization that a dashboard is not to inform or educate, but instead to drive action. Using best practices derived from decades of experience and client input, Gartner’s digital marketing expert Marty Kihn will walk attendees through the fundamentals of building a marketing dashboard that works. From this session, marketing leaders at all levels can learn:

  • How to build a marketing dashboard that tells a story
  • Time-tested design principles and visual-narrative techniques
  • How real-life CMOs transformed their marketing dashboards into strategic business drivers

Fundamental Program Templates: Five Templates You Need to Scale Your Digital Marketing Efforts
Edward Unthank
Founder and Lead Marketing Technology Consultant

Feel like you’re building every new email program from scratch every time, and there just has to be a better way? Do you end up spending countless hours making minuscule, ineffective tweaks to CTA colors, line spacing, and subheadline length? There is a better way for you to create programs in less than half the time, reduce errors, and reduce SLAs to launch marketing programs for your prospects: program templates. In this session, we’ll cover off on the fundamental program templates that you need to scale your digital marketing in Marketo. There will be two categories: Core: Content, Emails, List imports Advanced: Webinar template, Event template We’ll be showing you the Marketo insides of these best-in-class templates, what we tokenize and why, and show you the literal templates you’ll be able to create to make your life easier (and scalable). **WORKSHOP SERIES**

Globe-Trotting with Marketo - Tips and Tricks for Building a Global Automation Center of Excellence Champion
Tim Lamb
Director of Marketing and Demand Generation
Rubicon Global

Managing a Marketo instance with users spread around the globe can be a logistical nightmare. It can be a challenge for global automation teams to use the technical capabilities of Marketo, while rolling out a center of excellence for marketing automation as a discipline. Join Marketo Champion Tim Lamb (Xero) as he gives you a view into different set-ups for global companies. Tim compare the trade-offs of using (or not using) Workspaces and Partitions. He will also deep into tokenizing Marketo emails and how you can empower regional marketers without compromising brand quality. Finally, Tim will walk through how you can structure your teams and responsibilities and give you some immediate takeaways on lessons learned around managing the performance of your instance.

HOOKED: How clever brands create addictive content that drives revenue Influencer
Andrew Davis
Monumental Shift

We live in an information overload world. Our clients and customers are swimming in a see of commodity content: the raw material of the online world. To stand out in a world where 17 new web pages are published every second, we're going to need to create content that fits into the information our audience actually wants to consume. We're going to have to get them hooked on our content. In this high-energy, action-packed, session, former television producer and agency executive Andrew Davis, will help you create content so good it’s addictive. He'll show you how smart brands, big and small, have used compelling content to own tiny parts of their audience's lives. Andrew will help you leverage the talented leaders in your organization to distribute content that builds relationships: relationships that build trust: trust that drives revenue. You'll learn the five simple secrets to creating a hook: a simple twist on a familiar theme designed to entrap or ensnare your audience. He'll show you the lessons he learned while working at the Muppets and help you apply them to your marketing strategy.

How Allocadia Squeezed More Demand Gen, Sales Enablement & ABM Juice Out of Our Marketing Content
Matt Davis
Director of Content & Digital Marketing

At Allocadia, we set out to build a smarter, better-organized home for our marketing content using Uberflip and Marketo — a worthy project, but not a game-changer... or so we thought.

We would’ve chuckled if someone had said the project would also help us hit our MQL targets, reduce the load on our MOps people, become a pillar of our ABM program, and make our marketing content more useful to sellers in sales cycles. But that’s exactly what happened: the tech behind our content had a much broader impact on marketing and sales than we ever imagined. 

In this session, we’ll get into the practical details of how Allocadia:

  • Built a juicy content resource center, fully integrated with our existing Marketo plumbing
  • Customized over 700 mini-galleries of content for specific prospects in our ABM & prospecting efforts
  • Made our marketing content more discoverable & let less of it go to waste

Come hear the story! 

How Product Interest Scoring Revolutionized FireEye's Ability to Market and Cross-Sell to Customer
Linlin Li
Sr. Director, Mktg Ops, Americas ADR & Sales Enablement Ops
Prachi Chheda
Sr. Marketing Operations Analyst
Tom Grubb
Chief Strategy Officer
Digital Pi

Engaging new prospects is table stakes for Marketo users, but what about engaging customers to buy more products and services? If your company has multiple products or solutions, cross-selling customers to expand their adoption of your products should be high on the list of marketing automation priorities; but how? Security leader FireEye pursued a bold vision that gave sales and marketing a new and important source of buying signals that change the game for cross-selling into their customer base: product interest scoring.

In this eye-opening session you will learn:

  • A simple approach to identify critical stakeholders and how to establish roles in key decisions
  • A scoring model for Marketo to gauge product interest across multiple products
  • Tips for architecting a scalable product scoring model in Marketo
  • How to put product interest scoring to work in sales and marketing
  • How to get new insights about buyers from product interest analytics and reporting

How Strong Is Your Narrative? Take the Narrative Strength Assessment to Find Out!
Deb Lavoy
Narrative Builders

Do you know your company's story? How well are you presenting it through your Website and other channels? Does it stir the hearts and minds of your customers? Join Narrative Builders' CEO Deb Lavoy to try your hand at assessing your own narrative using the Narrative Strength Assessment scorecard. The workshop is designed to provide a snapshot view into your narrative's strengths, weaknesses and their impact. It is the first step toward building a deliberate and powerful master corporate narrative. **WORKSHOP SERIES**

How the San Francisco Giants Transformed CX to Become Baseball's Brand MVPs...Take a Peek at Their P
Bryan Srabian
Vice President, Brand Development & Digital Media
San Francisco Giants

The success of any baseball team comes down to two things: selling tickets and selling sponsorships. And the San Francisco Giants - currently the fourth-most valuable team in MLB - is expert at doing both. What's their secret to success? How has a 130-year-old organization become one of the hottest brands in baseball? And a brand that's a relevant as any SnapChat or Uber in terms of attracting younger generations of customers. Come learn their playbook! The Giants' VP of Brand Development and Digital Media has been with the franchise for more than a decade, and has helped lead the digital transformation responsible for turning casual customers into avid fans. The ballpark team's marketing efforts, including the creation of unique ballpark experiences and capitalizing on its players' personalities, have played a huge part in creating one of the most successful brands in baseball. Learn how the Giants have become the brand customers want to be connected with - whether the team is in first or last place. Find out how you can apply the same principles to your business and hit your own home runs in CX.

How to Build a Killer Content Marketing Strategy
Amanda Todorovich
Director, Content Marketing
Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic has ramped up content marketing efforts over the last four years - and it's paid off big time. Their Health Essentials blog is the #1 most visited healthcare blog in the country - receiving more than 4 million visits each month - and it now is actually even a revenue-generator for the marketing department. They have more than 1.5 million Facebook likes and more than 750K Twitter followers. Hear about how they've achieved such rapid success and grown their content marketing team from 3 people to 25 in the last two years. Learn about how they are now using marketing automation to get more leverage out of their arsenal of content. This content marketing session will offer exciting tips, tricks and trends that can help you accelerate your content marketing success.

How to Maximize Your Value -- Results from the 2017 Marketo Compensation Survey
Inga Romanoff
Romanoff Consulting
Jason Seeba
Head of Marketing
BloomReach, Inc.

Last year, Inga and Jason did a worldwide survey of Marketo users about their compensation and experience level using Marketo. Hundreds of users contributed their details. We cut the data by geography, years of experience and level of Marketo expertise and at Summit shared the results. Over the last year, we’ve heard from members of The Marketing Nation all over globe who used the data to negotiate raises with hard data. This year, we’re planning to share the results of our 2017 survey exclusively at The Marketing Nation Summit. We’ll dig deeper into geographical trends and show how your level of Marketo expertise affects your compensation. Join the long-time leaders of both the New York and Silicon Valley Marketo User Groups as we share tips on how to maximize your value -- including how to de-risk your negotiating discussions, justify your asks and how to master Marketo. **WORKSHOP SERIES**

How To Use AI To Add Relevance To Your Marketing
J.J. Kardwell
CEO and Co-Founder
Kristen Wendel
Director of Marketing Operations
Peter K. Herbert
VP Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has created a lot of buzz in the sales and marketing technology space lately. It’s practical application, however, has been cloudy. People know they want it, but they’re not exactly sure of the value it provides. In this session, Peter Herbert, VP of Marketing at VersionOne, will discuss how to use Artificial Intelligence as a decision engine for everything from creating a Smartlist in Marketo to determining which accounts to focus on for Account-Based Marketing. VersionOne’s usage of AI, through EverString, has resulted in organization alignment between sales and marketing, an influx of marketing-sourced opportunities and a sharp increase in win rates amongst their sales team. Artificial Intelligence, when used correctly, can be used to eliminate guessing and deliver actionable data to both sales and marketing. During this session, you will learn how to improve the conversion rates and effectiveness of your demand generation, content marketing, live and virtual event marketing.

In the Trenches: Fighting to Keep Data Integrity Champion
Jenny Robertson
Vice President, Marketing Technology
Sarah Shelnut
Director, Strategy
Taylor Enfinger
Senior Marketing Automation Technology Consultant

Big Data continues to be a top trend in 2017, with proper data management allowing Digital Marketers endless opportunities; including the ability to engage buyers at every stage of the Buyers Journey through data segmentations and targeted messaging. So, how do you ensure that you are fighting the good fight for data integrity and maximizing your Marketo campaigns? Like any battle, the key to winning is a combination of efforts that includes utilizing a solid strategy, aligning your forces, and fearlessly executing on the task at hand. Join 3 Marketo Champions in the trenches as they fight the good fight against dirty data. Key takeaways include:

  • Basic Drills: The Importance of progressive profiling
  • Aligning your Forces: Picklist value and forms best practices
  • Clearing Patrol: Data Audits and issues to look for
  • Ambush: Ways you can clean and improve your database on your own
  • Preparing your New Recruits: List Import Best Practices
  • Trailing the Enemy: Efficient ways to use the Marketo audit trail
  • Trusted Allies: Data Partners in Marketo Launchpoint

It’s Time to Leave the Lead-gated PDF Behind: How to Engage Buyers with Interactive Experiences
Chris Saporito
Marketing Automation Specialist
Seth Lieberman
Founder and CEO
Stephanie Kelly
Senior Manager of Marketing

B2B marketers are engaged in a race to the bottom -- we rely too heavily on generic, lead-gated whitepapers as the cornerstone of our strategies. It all looks and sounds the same, creating too much of noise that is boring our buyers to tears. How does a marketer break through and connect in a real way? By creating interesting and engaging content that drives dynamic conversations with your prospects, rather than a static, one-way flow of information.

In this panel session, you’ll hear from real marketers on how they have unleash their marketing programs with interactive experiences. In this session you will learn:

  • How to determine what content and campaigns you need to truly engage with your audiences
  • How engaging, interactive content creates more value for buyers, drives more engagement and accelerates leads into the funnel
  • Best practices for getting started -- the resources, tools, and team required to execute

Leading in the era of digital data explosion: people, process, and platforms Influencer
Adam Singer
Analytics Advocate

Digital analytics is a constantly changing field. It seems that there is a new data source or measurement tool almost every month. But if you build a smart, flexible analytics organization you can be ready for almost any change. This presentation with Google Analytics advocate Adam Singer, will talk about how getting the right people, implementing the right processes, and using the right technology platform will help you stay current in measuring marketing & sales performance so you can get the greatest return on investment and measure progress in marketing efforts.

Learn the Dark Side of the Forms: Seduce your Customers to Provide their Personal Secrets Champion
Robb Barrett
Marketing Automation Manager
GE Healthcare

Give yourself to the dark side, it’s the only way you can save your programs. If you only knew the power of the Forms API and how, mixed with a little HTML and CSS, you can end your boring design habits and bring order to your workspace. I too was once afraid of the power of script and APIs, now I do not fear the dark side. It has brought me freedom, innovation and job security. Don’t be proud of the programs you’ve constructed using the LP editor. The ability to insert a form and designate a Thank You page is insignificant next to the power of the Forms API. When you left your home you were but a learner. You’ll return a master. This session provides you the opportunity to speak to me with your thoughts on how forms should be used. It’s a great chance to breathe after being on the run with sessions all day. Marketing automation is a great gig and you can make a lot of money if you prove yourself innovative. As a Marketo Champion, I try not to be “us” and “them” about it but if your main concern is about making a font any color you like then the nerdiness of this session might give you some brain damage.

LEGO My Tech Stack: How to Build the Ultimate Enterprise MarTech Set Champion
Jenny Clegg
Director, Marketing Technology & Demand Analytics
CA Technologies Inc.
Jill Ragsdale
Marketing Automation and Technology Principal
CA Technologies

It can be a real challenge for any organization to craftily build a marketing technology stack when there are so many emerging technologies in the marketing landscape, but a number of limitations such as budgets and organizational bureaucracy exist. In this session, CA Technologies will share their story and best practices used when building the architecture of their own MarTech stack from legacy systems, new Launchpoint Partner tools and acquired companies.

Let's Get Digital! Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Mike Tomita
Director, Online Marketing

Take a look behind the curtain and see how Marketo plans, executes, and measures its digital marketing programs. See real world examples, hear take-a-ways from successes and failures, and learn how we coordinate our efforts internationally. Whether you're a lone wolf, one of the squad, or responsible for the whole digital show you won't want to miss this session.

Leveraging Custom Objects and IoT to Expand the Reach of Marketing
Stephen Baker
Maketing Automation Program Manager
Amazon Web Services

As the number of channels grows, the potential touchpoints through which marketers can engage customers and understand their behaviors is rapidly expanding. Now more than ever, we need to leverage the cloud, simplify development and streamline innovation in order to expand the reach of marketing.

In this session we’ll walk you through how to:

  • Handle one-to-many relationships in our data by leveraging Marketo Custom Objects and custom activity to connect to more customer touch points in your ecosystem.
  • Architect and build a marketing technology solution that can scale and accommodate ad-hoc marketing needs while not sacrificing automation.
  • Lightly touch on how to leverage Amazon Web Services: API Gateway, Lambda, MobileHub, and IoT to expand the reach of your Marketo instance across the entire buyer's journey.

You won’t want to miss this one!

Marketo's Operational Journey to ABM Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Joe Paone
Sr. Manager, Marketing
Renaud Bizet
Director, Global Marketing Operations

Join us on a discovery journey on how Marketo went about building and executing its own ABM strategy. Learn more about the tactics and operational optimization that Demand Gen and Marketing Ops put in place to make such a transformative move a successful reality. We will talk in details on how to set proper expectations, address the data challenges, monitor the right metrics, further drive sales alignment, optimize your target account selection, etc.

Millennial Mindset: Embracing Digital Change, Collaboration and Community Influencer
Brian Fanzo
iSocialFanz LLC

Brian will walk you through the changes that have drastically shifted the mindsets of both the digital dinosaurs and the digital natives as employees and customers.

You will learn:

  • Millennials make up over 50% of today's workforce. Creating personas in marketing around those born during certain years can be valuable but with a multi-generational workforce is essential to understand that a Millennial Mindset is not restricted to employees of a certain age.
  • Collaboration isn't about everyone having a task. Successful collaboration enables everyone to focus on what they do the best. Not every employee needs to be a social employee but every employee plays an important role in a brand's storytelling efforts.
  • The 3 T's Trust, Training, Tools. Social business tools enable scale, management, and reporting. Too often tools are thrown at people problems. The order of the 3T's is even more important than the implementation of each - address human needs before technology.

Passing the Baton: How to Track Sales Follow-Up on your Marketing Leads
David Da Silva
Marketing Operations Manager - North America
Mark Farnell
RVP Marketing Operations

We all want to measure and increase Marketing success and conversion to pipeline. However, without a strong measurable and optimized sales development process, your efforts will not always reap the rewards they otherwise could. Can you accurately call a campaign a success or failure if your Sales team didn’t follow-up with the leads you passed over? The cold reality of B2B is that it’s the interlock between your marketing activities and the sales follow-up that makes the difference and results in pipeline. Using native features in Marketo and Salesforce, you can see whether or not your campaign has been followed up correctly. If campaign A needs a 5 touch follow up, no problem, Marketo can show you if that’s happening.

This session will cover:

  • How to track sales touches on new MQLs and measuring them against SLAs
  • Custom campaign requirements for trade shows and events
  • Reporting and analytics
  • How to successfully align with Sales to increase Marketing led pipeline

Penetrating Industries with an Integrated Sales and Marketing Strategy Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Graham Gallivan
Sr. Manager, Marketing
Vyoma Kapur
Sr. Marketing Programs Manager

Financial Services. Healthcare. Higher Education. Technology. Why do we market to industries? Because it’s effective, focused and strategic. By developing and executing on a vertical marketing strategy - from advertising on niche publisher networks to sponsoring industry tradeshows- you can drastically improve your response rates and drive revenue. Attend this session to learn how Marketo utilizes a cross-channel approach to generate interest throughout various stages of the funnel from the right buyers in the right industries.

Personas and Passion: Ingredients that Make One Marketer Sound Like Many
Lorinda Brandon
Sr Product Manager
Capital One DevExchange

Engagement is all about knowing your customers and speaking to them on a personal level. Using simple concepts like personas, segmentation and conditional content, you can make each customer feel like you are speaking directly to them. More importantly, you can travel with them on their journey through their career - as they evolve and grow in their career, you can change their experience with your company appropriately. This session will cover techniques for managing your engagement by using persona scoring, lead scoring and segmentation in creative ways on your site, in your nurture campaigns and in your product marketing.

Profit Center Marketing: Aligning and Measuring Teams Around Business Impact Influencer
Matt Heinz
Heinz Marketing Inc.

It's easy to talk about revenue responsibility from the marketing department. But truly living that promise is another thing entirely. Too many marketers still promote activities over results, operational scorecards over sales pipelines, quantity over quality. Operating marketing as a profit center requires complete alignment at every level with other departments, with business objectives and metrics, as well as often a fundamental shift in daily behavior and decision-making by marketers at every level of the organization. What does it take to transform your team from a perceived cost center to a business-leading profit center? How do you change focus, objectives, scorecards and even culture to align more purely behind business priorities you can buy a beer with? This session will cover best practices from marketing departments and leaders who have made that shift, along with an interactive discussion giving you new insights and a blueprint for managing that kind of change in your organization.

Shake the Funk! Why Database Hygiene is Important & How to Stay Clean
Jacob Hansen
Email Deliverability Consultant
Matt Rushing
Manager, Conversion Marketing

We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into our email programs. From updating template designs, to testing new messaging, to altering how we segment personas, maintaining an engaging program requires constant optimization. As marketing pros, most of our focus is on creating beautiful campaigns that convert--as they should! Meanwhile, whether we know it or not, other powers are at play that will ultimately make or break performance. While some view inbox placement as something left to the Internet gods, there is a method to the madness of deliverability, and understanding mailbox providers (ISPs) helps unravel its mystery. Maintaining a healthy database of subscribers is a huge part of the deliverability equation. It’s not as fun as testing a hot new template design, but it’s vital to your email program’s success. In this session, two of SendGrid’s email marketing and deliverability veterans will show you where to start, what to stop doing, and how to continue database maintenance. Learn why hygiene is so important, what ISPs consider when determining inbox placement, and how to perform routine database maintenance to lose the funk for good.

Sitecore's CMO Shares Five Ways to Caffeinate Your Customer Experience in 2017
Scott Anderson

Customers are demanding more personalization and they’re making brands pay – by abandoning a brand altogether – if they don’t have a great customer experience at every interaction throughout the buying cycle and across every channel whether physical or virtual. A customer can buy a cup of coffee anywhere, as they say. Not only can your company build and retain customer loyalty through an improved, invigorated customer experience in 2017, you will likely own a valuable strategic advantage over competitors if you invest in that experience today. Join Sitecore's CMO Scott Anderson to learn five ways you can deliver a caffeinated customer experience in 2017.

Tales from the Activity Log. How to Measure and Optimize Database Health Champion
Jeff Shearer
Director of Marketing Automation
Nintex Pty Ltd

The activity log is Marketo's central nervous system—it powers your filters, triggers and reports—yet it can be used for so much more. In this session, we'll share how the data in the Marketo activity log can be harvested to examine the overall health of your database. We'll share some of the many useful applications of this 30,000 foot view, including:

  • Monitoring the growth and decay of your lead database over time
  • Moving beyond communication limits
  • Understand how email cadence varies by region, segment, and more, using trends in lead behavior to improve scoring and segmentation.

Talk of the Titans: Jon Miller and Joe Chernov Break Down ABM
Joe Chernov
VP of Marketing
Jon Miller

Once, they were selling against each other for the crown in marketing automation. Now, they’re working together to bring a new, emerging idea to the mainstream market. Jon Miller of Engagio (formerly VP of Marketing at Marketo) and Joe Chernov of InsightSquared (formerly VP of Marketing at Eloqua) take center stage to dive deep into Account Based Everything. Over their storied careers, they’ve seen it all, and they’ve gotten a glimpse into what’s to come.

In this talk of the titans, they’ll cover:  

  • The changing landscape of B2B markets and how it’s affecting you
  • How inbound and outbound work together in ABM
  • What the future holds for Account Based Marketing  
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when implementing ABM
  • 3 tactics that revenue teams can use today to get quick, easy wins 

The 3 Key Pillars for Potent Content Marketing Influencer
Jeff Bullas
Jeff Bullas

Content marketing is now a key component to successful digital marketing on the social web. In this presentation I will be sharing the core pillars that you need to embrace and master in 2017. The pace of change of technology and the entire digital marketing ecosystem means that we need to be evolving our tactics. Standing still is not an option.

What will you learn from this presentation?

  • The 3 vital ways to attract traffic to your content
  • Discover the secrets to creating content that people engage with and love to share
  • Learn the 2 top tactics to producing a return on your content marketing investment
  • The content marketing trends that you need to understand to beat the competition

The Experience When Business Meets Design Influencer
Brian Solis
Principal Analyst
Altimeter, a Prophet company

Leading digital analyst and best-selling author Brian Solis believes that many companies miss the very thing about experience that can make them great…people. Your customers will have experiences whether you design them or not. And for Brian that experience design is the next wave of marketing and branding. In this inspiring presentation, Brian will share how customer behaviors and what they value are evolving away from the standard for good experiences today. He will help change perspective to see and do things differently. With a new outlook from this presentation, you'll guide innovation in your marketing efforts and change course for how your brand earns relevance with a new generation of customers.

The Ultimate "UnBrand": How Taylor Swift Changed Marketing Forever
Martin Kihn
Research VP, Gartner for Marketing Leaders

Taylor Swift has been called the “most marketable brand in history” (Forbes) and the “most beloved icon in recent memory” (A.F.I.). And her appeal is oddly democratic: people who don’t agree on anything, agree on Tay.

Why is Taylor Swift such a successful brand? What's her secret? To find out, Gartner's digital marketing expert Marty Kihn did original market research and spun up a social network analysis of her fans. The result? Turns out she broke all the traditional brand rules, challenged a number of assumptions across a range of marketing disciplines, and transformed herself into the ultimate "unbrand."

What's the takeaway for marketing your own brand? Find out by joining Marty's talk to learn:

  • The secret genius of Taylor Swift: how she became a master marketer:
  • Her key to success: breaking 7 brand rules
  • How U Can 2: Turn a "Blank Space" into your "Wildest Dreams"

They Love Me, They Love Me Not: Create an Email Database that Loves You Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Mike Madden
Sr. Demand Generation Program Manager
Stacey Thornberry
Sr. Manager, Field Marketing

When analyzing your email marketing metrics, sometimes you whimsically grab a daisy—picking a petal at a time—and recite, “they love me, they love me not” until you land on the final petal that determines your fate. As marketers, we’re constantly working to engage the right audience in a way that makes them love us—ultimately converting to revenue. Join us to learn how to build an email database full of admirers by removing inactive subscribers and using opt-in campaigns embracing subscription laws (think: CASL).

Think Like a CMO Influencer
Drew Neisser

We all recognize that marketing can be the difference between success and failure of a brand. In this inspiring and thought provoking presentation, speaker Drew Neisser shows how to think about ourselves as brands and identifies the four traits of great marketers; distilled from over 200 interviews with Chief Marketing Officers. Neisser provides numerous high-profile real-world examples of those traits in action and why these are essential to just about anyone who wants to push their career forward.

What does Nurture have in common with Dating? Marketo @ Marketo
Marketo @ Marketo
Divya Dutt
Senior Marketing Manager

You go on a date with someone you just met. How would you react if they proposed to you after the very first date? With our session you will get to learn how nurturing leads is just like nurturing a relationship and how you can apply rules from the dating world to building out your nurture strategy. We will go over what nurture means to us, why it’s crucial in today’s digital world and how we nurture our prospects and customers at Marketo. We will give you a sneak peek into how we’ve organized our team around nurture, how we measure the success of the nurture programs and some of the new things we have tried to do with our engagement engine and nurture strategy over the last few months.

What they didn't teach you in ABM school Influencer
Joe Chernov
VP of Marketing

By now everyone knows that effective account-based marketing, or ABM, can improve close rates, shorten sales cycles and increase deal size. And with the surge in content related to ABM, marketers are beginning to get a grasp on best practices. But when it comes to real-world implementation, the best laid plans of marketing and sales often go awry. This example-packed session will point out some of the potholes that can impede ABM progress and dampen ABM effectiveness, and provide guidance to help your team avoid them.

Specific takeaways include:

  • How to maximize sales participation in ABM campaigns
  • What metrics provide the greatest visibility into ABM success; and Strategies for dividing target accounts into actionable cohorts

What Your Mom Never Told You About MOPs Champion
Joe Reitz
Strategist, Nurture Marketing
Rachel Egan
Growth and Marketing Operations
TubeMogul, Inc.

The idea of “best practice” is subjective. But what if there were some universal truths in the world of Marketing Operations that helped drive performance reporting and proved revenue? When it comes to Marketing Operations, there are definitely a few things your momma never told you. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Building Lead Scoring/Grading Models that Sales believes in
  • Architecting RCMs that map to your strategy
  • Driving Accountability and alignment between sales and marketing
  • Advanced reporting to prove it all!

What's Your Story? How Powerful Narratives Drive Great Companies
Deb Lavoy
Narrative Builders

What is your organization about? How will you get there? A bold vision statement is not enough. You need a narrative.

A compelling narrative can transform your customers' digital experience. Narratives are not vague constructs created by advertising agencies or charismatic CEOs. Marketers can actually measure the strength of their corporate narratives, gaining a clear, prioritized list of where and how to invest for big, measurable impact.

Join Narrative Builders' CEO Deb Lavoy to learn how you can measure, understand and strengthen your own corporate narrative. Hear examples of brands who have robust narratives - and a few who don't - and their direct correlation to business performance. Attendees will leave knowing:

  • What is a narrative and how can it help my company?
  • How do I assess - and build - my company's narrative?
  • How are marketing strategy and narrative aligned?

[Note: Attendees are invited to attend a follow-up workshop hosted by Deb Lavoy to evaluate the strength of their own company narratives - "How Strong Is Your Narrative? Come Find Out!"]

Your CEO & You: The Marketing Metrics That Matter
Tom O'Regan

As a marketer, you're surrounded by numbers. Website visitors, page views, video views, impressions and click-through rates are everyday currency to you, and often are the best way to understand the success - or failure - of specific parts of your account-based marketing machine. But when it comes to taking these numbers to your CEO, know this: just because something can be counted, doesn't mean it counts.

Many marketers continue to use legacy metrics that measure tactics for specific stages of the buying cycle. But to a b-to-b marketer, they're just pieces of your account-based marketing machine. Each bit does its job, but it's the final result that matters.

How can you make sure your marketing efforts are driving against the #1 metric your CEO cares about: the company's growth? Join the CEO of MadisonLogic to learn:

  • How to identify the right metrics for your ABM program
  • Best practice examples from successful marketing programs
  • The risks for all marketers in not making this important shift 

Your Marketing Automation Strategy Isn't Where It Needs to Be Influencer
Jay Famico
VP, Client-Facing Technology

In this session, Jay will share the current state of marketing automation sophistication, emerging trends in marketing automation and examples of marketing automation done right. Jay will also discuss how b-to-b organizations are resourcing and scaling marketing automation investments to meet demand creation and customer experience objectives, along with the factors that are holding organizations back from achieving ROI, including lack of training, poor integration and an unsupportive corporate culture.

More sessions to come!