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Adweek Series: Marketing Sciences: It's About the "Me" in All of Us Adweek
April 25th, 2:30pm-3:15pm April 25th
Room 2002/2004
Robert Gibbs
Global Director, Marketing Strategy & Science, Google Cloud
Todd Paris
Managing Director, Internet of Things
Deloittle Digital

The offline-marketing gurus tell us where you live determines who you are. The online marketing gurus tell us the sites you visit determine who you are. Both are true, but neither are complete. The reality is that “we” are all individuals that are chaotically defined from minute to minute and location to location. It’s machine learning powered by online and offline data that completes our understanding of who we are. Awash in offline and online data, it’s Marketing Sciences that make sense of it all. Join Deloitte Digital and Google to discuss how we use marketing sciences to make sense of the “me” in all of us.

Adweek Series: Agencies Out of Disruption: Skills & Tools in the New Digital World Adweek
April 25th, 3:30pm-4:15pm April 25th
Room 2002/2004
Adam Broitman
Managing Partner, Account Director
Heather Stern
Chief Marketing Officer
James Cooper
Editorial Director
Joshua Brandau
Director of North American Strategy
Malia Supe
Senior Partner and Global Managing Director
Mary FlorCruz
Managing Director, Head of Strategy,
mcgarrybowen San Francisco
Sebastian Gunnewig
Executive Director of Strategy and UX

For decades, at the right hand of the CMO have sat their agencies, shaping how a brand is viewed by its stakeholders. But the recent past has been a time of disruption for traditional firms, and 2017 will be the year that some of the most storied names in advertising must chart new paths forward and bring new capabilities online. This panel of top agency strategies will weigh in on how technology and data are recasting roles and redefining the agency-client relationship, as well as what it takes for all marketers to be successful in the new digital world.

Adweek Series: AdTech, MarTech, and Brands: Worlds Collide Adweek
April 25th, 4:45pm-5:30pm April 25th
Room 2002/2004
Adam Berke
Chief Marketing Officer
Efrat Ravid
Chief Marketing & Strategy
James Cooper
Editorial Director

In rapidly changing media environment, the relationship between brand marketing and advertising and marketing technology has become increasingly tighter and symbiotic. Whether you view the relationship between AdTech and MarTech as a collision, convergence, or perfect marriage, this interactive panel will examine the growing reliance on these technologies and surface important innovations and teaching moments as these two worlds merge. One lucky audience member will be able to join panelists onstage as we hear from both sides of the aisle, with leading brand marketers and AdTech executives sharing their thoughts on how technology is shaping the future of marketing.

More sessions to come!