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How 6sense Drives Results Through Omni-Channel Predictive Intelligence Partner Theater
April 23rd, 5:15pm-6:00pm April 23rd
Booth 811
Amanda Kahlow
Founder & CEO

Today’s B2B marketing teams are all faced with the same challenge: how to manage disparate data across multiple channels. Through the power of predictive intelligence, marketers are able to connect their various channels to measure the impact of their activities and finally see results. Learn how 6sense customers, such as Cisco, Dell, ADP, Lenovo, NetSuite, PGi and many more, use predictive intelligence to:

  • Drive cross channel visibility
  • Grow pipeline
  • Drive higher marketing to sales conversions
  • Foster love between sales and marketing

Leverage Lattice's Data Cloud and Put Your ABM Programs Into Action Partner Theater
April 23rd, 6:15pm-6:30pm April 23rd
Booth 811
Nipul Chokshi
VP of Product Marketing

At Lattice, we take pride in helping B2B marketing and sales teams operationalize and scale their account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives. In this session, VP of Product Marketing Nipul Chokshi will demo our newest innovation - the joining of the Lattice Data Cloud in an exclusive partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, which further advances marketers’ ability to improve their ABM programs. Our new data cloud is the largest source of business insights globally, covering 200M businesses across 200 countries and 1000 industries, and is the most comprehensive source of insights with over 16,000 attributes across six categories – firmographics, growth trends, online presence, technology profile, website profile and website keywords. The data cloud is fully integrated with Lattice’s Predictive Insights Platform, to help our customers put predictive into action in their day-to-day workflows, and realize huge increases in the success of their account-focused campaigns.

How Kapost uses Treasure Data to Accelerate BizOps Partner Theater
April 23rd, 6:45pm-7:15pm April 23rd
Booth 811
Kim Wagner
Director of Customer Success Enablement
Lakshmi Ramesh
Director of Customer Success
Treasure Data

Kapost’s award winning “B2B marketing operating system” helps leading companies like Linkedin, IBM, and AT&T maximize ROI around their content marketing strategies. Unfortunately, when it came to getting insights from internal systems Kapost faced the same challenges as many data-driven companies do, where business insights were trapped behind siloed data sources from a dozen different systems in multiple departments. In this Talk, Kapost will talk about how they used a Live Data Management strategy to unify their data across systems and democratized data access so their teams could integrate new data on-the-fly, collaborate around experiments and rapidly execute on new business insights.

Closing the Data Loop: How to Extend the Power of Marketing Automation Partner Theater
April 24th, 12:30pm-12:45pm April 24th
Booth 811
Adam Luckeroth
VP of Sales
Modus Engagement
Matt Greener
VP of Marketing
Modus Engagement

A tightly integrated marketing stack generates leads more effectively and advances prospects through the buying stages faster by engaging them with the right messages at the right time. Capturing and delivering high-value leads seamlessly for scoring, nurturing, or immediate follow up is critical to improving the customer experience and accelerating the lead to revenue timeline.

Full-Funnel Diagnostics: A “Sumo Logical” Choice Partner Theater
April 24th, 1:00pm-1:15pm April 24th
Booth 811
Josh Atkins
Director of Sales
Kayla Miller
Demand Generation Campaigns Manager
Sumo Logic
Maurina Venturelli
Director of Demand Generation
Sumo Logic

Join Maurina Venturelli, Director of Demand Generation, and Kayla Miller, Demand Generation Campaigns Manager at Sumo Logic, to learn how these self-proclaimed data nerds and problem solvers gained real-time insight into their marketing and sales funnel with FunnelWise. As data pioneers, Sumo Logic collects, analyzes and centralizes machine data analytics for its clients, so the marketing team saw immediate value in taking a similar approach to its revenue funnel data, existing in both Marketo and Salesforce. Challenged with the inability to see further down the funnel, Sumo Logic’s marketing team selected FunnelWise to allow them to better predict outcomes and improve visibility into the entire funnel. What they also found was a diagnostic tool that provided them with instant insight into why hard-earned marketing leads were not converting into pipeline. Sumo Logic will share how they utilize FunnelWise to quickly and easy diagnose where issues occur within their funnel and solve them within a strategic, cross-functional team. You will hear how FunnelWise not only provides “unheard of” visibility to marketing, but is also leveraged by Sumo Logic’s CEO, CRO, sales and operations teams.

Video is the new currency in the engagement economy Partner Theater
April 24th, 3:15pm-4:00pm April 24th
Booth 811
Greg Kelly
Product Marketing Manager

We're living in a new economy - the engagement economy. Up against 100 emails a day and 8 second attention spans, it's harder than ever for modern marketers to capture and retain the engagement of our customers and prospects. In this engagement economy, video is the new currency. Marketers who have embraced video are pulling ahead seeing 80% higher page conversion, 20% higher close rates, 50% faster closes and 30% larger deal sizes. Woah! Yet only 15% of marketing teams are using video strategically. Why? Because video is often perceived to being hard, expensive or a nice to have.

In this session led by Vidyard you will learn how to unlock the power of video in the engagement economy. Key takeaways will include:

  • Understanding how your video content is performing
  • Generating new leads from your existing video content
  • Improving conversion rates at every stage of the funnel
  • Using personalized video to cut through Email clutter and boost response rates
  • Increasing website, social media and video engagement

Demystifying Predictive Marketing Partner Theater
April 24th, 5:45pm-6:00pm April 24th
Booth 811
Mike Ward
VP, Demand Generation Marketing

What does a cattle ranch in rural Utah have in common with some of the most innovative predictive marketing and account segmentation programs being developed today? Join Mike Ward, VP of Demand Generation at Workfront, and Erin Peterson, VP of Customers at Mintigo, for a how-to session on aligning sales and marketing (gasp!) in target account selection using predictive analytics and achieving dramatic results together.

More than just a video player, INXPO STUDIO, the first Flash-free webcasting tool for Marketers Partner Theater
April 24th, 6:15pm-6:30pm April 24th
Booth 811
Dan Lotzof
Executive Vice President
Ryan Vahey
Studio Product Manager

With Flash reaching the end of its life, INXPO has created the first Flash-free webcasting technology, providing Marketers with broadcast quality streaming, simplified. Join Dan Lotzof, EVP and Ryan Vahey, Studio Product Manager at INXPO as they demonstrate the power of INXPO STUDIO including:

  • Video Conferencing capabilities for real-time conversations
  • Picture-in-picture slide and video delivery across all devices
  • Producer Dashboard for Real Time Audience Troubleshooting

The Ultimate Toolkit for Efficient Marketers Partner Theater
April 24th, 6:45pm-7:00pm April 24th
Booth 811
Taran Nandha
VP Marketing

Your team at Grazitti has developed a series of innovative products and utilities that will make you a marketing Rockstar. Visit us at the at the Marketo Partner Theatre and get a peek at our M-Series products that can help put your marketing automation in top gear M- Clean: detects, merges, and prevents duplicates in your Marketo lead database in real time. With a duplicate-free database, you can improve performance of your marketing programs, save cost, enhance sales productivity, and get accurate marketing reports. M-Hive: is a cloud-based, easy-to-deploy Marketo asset management solution. M-Hive takes a regular backup of your Marketo assets, which you can review and restore as and when required. You can also preview or generate PDF of multiple emails and landing pages for different segments. Particularly helpful for Marketo customers with distributed teams. M-360: offers marketers with integrated marketing dashboards that include data from Google Analytics, Marketo, CRM and other sources. These dashboards provide a holistic view of your customer journey. In addition to the 7 set of standard dashboards based on best practices, you can also get customized dashboard to fit your specific business needs. With M-360 measure accurate impact of your marketing dollars and use insights to make better marketing decisions.

Driving Revenue with ABM Powered by AI Partner Theater
April 25th, 1:15pm-1:30pm April 25th
Booth 811
Darian Shirazi

To break through the noise in the engagement economy, highly targeted and personalized campaigns are table stakes. With decreasing engagement rates on traditional channels, marketers need to target and reach their customers across offline and online channels to be effective.

Learn how the Radius Revenue Platform, powered by The Network of Record™, empowers B2B marketers to:

  • Create targeted ABM audiences leveraging rich intelligence
  • Amplify your audience with quality, net-new prospects from the only always-on B2B dataset
  • Reach your targeted audience across multiple channels including Marketo, social, and digital advertising
  • Drive revenue more effectively

Take the work out of webinars – 3 tweaks you can do today Partner Theater
April 25th, 1:45pm-2:00pm April 25th
Booth 811
Daniel Waas
Director of Marketing

If you run a webinar program you know standout events don’t just happen – they take grit and creativity to get right. Yet chances are you’re not making the most of your best events today. Time to learn the three simple tweaks to put your past webinars on autopilot and far extend their shelf life.

The ABC’s of Event ROI - Your events are powerful, now prove how profitable they are Partner Theater
April 25th, 4:20pm-4:35pm April 25th
Booth 811
Alex Rolfe
Senior Director

91% of industry pros believe their events are effective—the tough part? Proving it.

One of the biggest challenges facing event industry professionals is that meetings, conferences, and trade shows don’t get the respect they deserve outside of the planning and production team. Event organizers intuitively understand the importance of events, but often struggle to articulate that value to executive stakeholders. With increased scrutiny on budgets and spend, many planners face the challenge of growing, or even just preserving, their event budgets year over year.

In response, savvy event pros are discovering how to tell their stories of event success in ways that stakeholders simply can’t ignore. Are you ready to make your case to your leadership? By embracing event technology, and utilizing the increased availability of data, you can capture the metrics that matter most, and prove the impact of your events throughout the organization.

The ABCs of Capturing Event RO:

  • Uncover the disconnect between event teams and executive teams
  • Discover tactics to close the gap and find common ground
  • Simplify and demystify the concepts driving Event ROI
  • Take actionable steps to start proving your event effectiveness

More sessions to come!