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Analytics that Matter: The Right Reports For Every Step of the Buyer's Journey Champion
April 24th, 11:30am-12:15pm April 24th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Jessica Kao
Director of Client Services
Digital Pi

The right marketing analytics should show you what is working and what isn't to optimize for the entire buyer's journey. That begins with knowing what data you should be looking at and how to interpret that data to drive insightful business decisions. In this session, you will learn:The appropriate metrics for each stage of the buyers journey, What Multi-touch and First touch attribution mean, How Marketo uses attribution to tie marketing programs to revenue and pipeline, How to start leveraging the wealth of data in Marketo to improve ROI

Beyond Basic Integration: Advanced Lead Lifecycle Workflows and Integration with MS Dynamics CRM Champion
April 24th, 11:30am-12:15pm April 24th
Room 2005/2007 Champion
Dan Stevens
Sr. Director, Digital Platforms and Channels
Avanade Inc

Designing and producing a complex, account-centric lead lifecycle in Marketo that aligns to your business is not an easy task. Integrating all of this with a CRM platform other than SFDC, presents additional challenges. In this session, learn how Avanade has built a complex, integrated lead lifecycle with MS Dynamics CRM; which enables them to effectively identify, assign, route and qualify leads; and measure Marketing's contribution to the business. In particular, the session will provide you with the following insight:

  • Challenges faced and how to overcome those challenges and issues
  • Enhanced workflows that leverage the new custom-sync filter of the Marketo CRM solution
  • Real-time alerts: tips on how to create detailed alerts that your sales teams will love
  • Scaling this framework in an environment that consists of 23 workspaces and lead partitions

Creating and Managing a Lead Lifecycle in Marketo That Will Make Your Sales Team Happy Champion
April 24th, 1:15pm-2:00pm April 24th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Steve Susina
Marketing Director
Lyons Consulting Group

Achieving a well-managed lead lifecycle in Marketo requires equal parts negotiation between marketing and sales, strong change management, and technology know-how. A well-managed lead-to-revenue management process gives marketers the ability to see leads move through their system, and provides clarity on where marketers can provide deep insights to drive actions. In this session, you'll hear a practical, real-world approach on how one company traveled the journey to achieve the elusive lasting peace between marketing and sales. In this presentation, the audience will learn:

  • Finding common ground while defining a lead lifecycle: identifying stages within your revenue cycle, entry and exit criteria between stages, and reporting progress
  • Differences between Revenue Stage in Marketo and lead stage visibility in your CRM, and what you need to do to keep them in sync
  • A deep dive of the Marketo Smart Campaigns and reports created to keep lead flow organized and provide management with data needed for oversight
  • The presentation will include perspectives not only from marketing but the sales organization as well, with the inside sales team lead providing perspective from the sales org.

From Marketing to Operations: How to Connect Your Nurture to Product Fulfillment with the API Champion
April 24th, 2:15pm-3:00pm April 24th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Alex Greger
Sr. Demand Generation Technologist
Hileman Group

Marketo, as a platform, is well-known for its ongoing nurture capabilities, sales enablement, holistic reporting, drag-and-drop functionality and many other great features. However, one aspect that does not receive much recognition is its API. Marketo’s API allows you to communicate and execute different tasks and capabilities with 3rd party platforms, such as CRM systems, ad tech, and many others. The API can be used for many different tasks, including data sharing, triggering tasks, and reporting. Utilizing Marketo and its API as a lead capture, qualifier and router can successfully build an ongoing product fulfillment program that connects nurture campaigns all the way through to product fulfillment using third party fulfillment companies. The example I will share was used to fulfill a sample product request for a sanitizing and cleaning agent for healthcare providers. In this presentation, you will learn how marketers (using a little custom dev help) can utilize Marketo and its API to automate and simplify a complex fulfillment operation that will save you time and money!

Globe-Trotting with Marketo - Tips and Tricks for Building a Global Automation Center of Excellence Champion
April 24th, 3:30pm-4:15pm April 24th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Tim Lamb
Director of Marketing and Demand Generation
Rubicon Global

Managing a Marketo instance with users spread around the globe can be a logistical nightmare. It can be a challenge for global automation teams to use the technical capabilities of Marketo, while rolling out a center of excellence for marketing automation as a discipline. Join Marketo Champion Tim Lamb (Xero) as he gives you a view into different set-ups for global companies. Tim compare the trade-offs of using (or not using) Workspaces and Partitions. He will also deep into tokenizing Marketo emails and how you can empower regional marketers without compromising brand quality. Finally, Tim will walk through how you can structure your teams and responsibilities and give you some immediate takeaways on lessons learned around managing the performance of your instance.

In the Trenches: Fighting to Keep Data Integrity Champion
April 25th, 8:30am-9:15am April 25th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Jenny Robertson
Vice President, Marketing Technology
Sarah Shelnut
Director, Strategy
Taylor Enfinger
Senior Marketing Automation Technology Consultant

Big Data continues to be a top trend in 2017, with proper data management allowing Digital Marketers endless opportunities; including the ability to engage buyers at every stage of the Buyers Journey through data segmentations and targeted messaging. So, how do you ensure that you are fighting the good fight for data integrity and maximizing your Marketo campaigns? Like any battle, the key to winning is a combination of efforts that includes utilizing a solid strategy, aligning your forces, and fearlessly executing on the task at hand. Join 3 Marketo Champions in the trenches as they fight the good fight against dirty data. Key takeaways include:

  • Basic Drills: The Importance of progressive profiling
  • Aligning your Forces: Picklist value and forms best practices
  • Clearing Patrol: Data Audits and issues to look for
  • Ambush: Ways you can clean and improve your database on your own
  • Preparing your New Recruits: List Import Best Practices
  • Trailing the Enemy: Efficient ways to use the Marketo audit trail
  • Trusted Allies: Data Partners in Marketo Launchpoint

Learn the Dark Side of the Forms: Seduce your Customers to Provide their Personal Secrets Champion
April 25th, 9:30am-10:15am April 25th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Robb Barrett
Marketing Automation Manager
GE Healthcare

Give yourself to the dark side, it’s the only way you can save your programs. If you only knew the power of the Forms API and how, mixed with a little HTML and CSS, you can end your boring design habits and bring order to your workspace. I too was once afraid of the power of script and APIs, now I do not fear the dark side. It has brought me freedom, innovation and job security. Don’t be proud of the programs you’ve constructed using the LP editor. The ability to insert a form and designate a Thank You page is insignificant next to the power of the Forms API. When you left your home you were but a learner. You’ll return a master. This session provides you the opportunity to speak to me with your thoughts on how forms should be used. It’s a great chance to breathe after being on the run with sessions all day. Marketing automation is a great gig and you can make a lot of money if you prove yourself innovative. As a Marketo Champion, I try not to be “us” and “them” about it but if your main concern is about making a font any color you like then the nerdiness of this session might give you some brain damage.

LEGO My Tech Stack: How to Build the Ultimate Enterprise MarTech Set Champion
April 25th, 2:30pm-3:15pm April 25th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Jenny Clegg
Director, Marketing Technology & Demand Analytics
CA Technologies Inc.
Jill Ragsdale
Marketing Automation and Technology Principal
CA Technologies

It can be a real challenge for any organization to craftily build a marketing technology stack when there are so many emerging technologies in the marketing landscape, but a number of limitations such as budgets and organizational bureaucracy exist. In this session, CA Technologies will share their story and best practices used when building the architecture of their own MarTech stack from legacy systems, new Launchpoint Partner tools and acquired companies.

Leveraging Custom Objects and IoT to Expand the Reach of Marketing Champion
April 25th, 3:30pm-4:15pm April 25th
Room 2009/2011 Champion
Stephen Baker
Maketing Automation Program Manager
Amazon Web Services

As the number of channels grows, the potential touchpoints through which marketers can engage customers and understand their behaviors is rapidly expanding. Now more than ever, we need to leverage the cloud, simplify development and streamline innovation in order to expand the reach of marketing.

In this session we’ll walk you through how to:

  • Handle one-to-many relationships in our data by leveraging Marketo Custom Objects and custom activity to connect to more customer touch points in your ecosystem.
  • Architect and build a marketing technology solution that can scale and accommodate ad-hoc marketing needs while not sacrificing automation.
  • Lightly touch on how to leverage Amazon Web Services: API Gateway, Lambda, MobileHub, and IoT to expand the reach of your Marketo instance across the entire buyer's journey.

You won’t want to miss this one!

What Your Mom Never Told You About MOPs Champion
April 25th, 3:30pm-4:15pm April 25th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Joe Reitz
Strategist, Nurture Marketing

The idea of “best practice” is subjective. But what if there were some universal truths in the world of Marketing Operations that helped drive performance reporting and proved revenue? When it comes to Marketing Operations, there are definitely a few things your momma never told you. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Building Lead Scoring/Grading Models that Sales believes in
  • Architecting RCMs that map to your strategy
  • Driving Accountability and alignment between sales and marketing
  • Advanced reporting to prove it all!

Tales from the Activity Log. How to Measure and Optimize Database Health Champion
April 25th, 4:45pm-5:30pm April 25th
Room 2018/2020 Champion
Jeff Shearer
Director of Marketing Automation
Nintex Pty Ltd

The activity log is Marketo's central nervous system—it powers your filters, triggers and reports—yet it can be used for so much more. In this session, we'll share how the data in the Marketo activity log can be harvested to examine the overall health of your database. We'll share some of the many useful applications of this 30,000 foot view, including:

  • Monitoring the growth and decay of your lead database over time
  • Moving beyond communication limits
  • Understand how email cadence varies by region, segment, and more, using trends in lead behavior to improve scoring and segmentation.

More sessions to come!