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3 Steps to Launch & Optimize Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy
Lizzy Funk
Sr. Manager, Marketing

While Account-Based Marketing is no longer the latest strategy, it's definitely one of the greatest out there. However, for a lot of marketers as you move from developing a strategy to actually implementing and optimizing, the tactics to execution can be daunting. During this session, I'll go through tactical steps you can take whether you are just launching a new ABM campaign or looking to optimize for better results.

ABM Wins: Invoca shares how they tripled engagement from target accounts
Ari Echt
Director of Account Based Marketing

Invoca’s sales cycle requires a lot of education. The traditional B2B approach of sending a  weekly nurture email that drives prospects to a single, gated landing page wasn’t doing the job fast enough. The Invoca marketing team wanted to provide target accounts with a better experience – one with fewer gates that encouraged as much content consumption as possible with each visit.


Using LookBookHQ’s Content Activation Platform, Invoca evolved from relying on gated, single-asset landing pages to a less gated and more customer-centric approach. Now, target accounts are served fully customized content experiences that put the “next best asset” at their fingertips, regardless of where they are in the buying cycle. As a result,  prospects self-educate faster and have more productive conversations with sales.


Join this session to learn:


  • How Invoca achieved a 3X lift in target account engagement by reimagining their nurture programs
  • How building personalized content experiences for target accounts can quickly improve your relationship with sales
  • How a customer-centric approach to content delivery contributed to a 2.5X increase in average deal size at Invoca

Always in Beta: Overcoming Idea Killers
Tom Fishburne
Marketoonist LLC

The creative process shouldn’t end after the brainstorm, yet marketing ideas often suffer a thousand cuts in the process of bringing them to life. With his Marketoonist cartoons and case studies, Tom will illustrate the path of transforming marketing ideas into new products, services, and programs. He will unpack the “Always In Beta” mindset that organizations need to adopt in order to develop remarkable innovations. He will frame ways to build a culture that champions creativity and overcomes idea killers. No idea is born perfect, and innovation requires the collective creative efforts of everyone in an organization. In this talk, Tom will use visual storytelling as a metaphor for creativity and teach how doodling is the simplest form of prototyping. In a hands-on creative exercise, Tom will use some simple cartooning techniques to practice how we share and build on each others’ ideas.

Analytics That Matter: Reports For Every Stage of the Funnel
Jessica Kao
Director Client Serices
Digital Pi

The right analytics will show you what is working and what isn't in your marketing programs so you can optimize your entire buyer's journey. Having the right marketing analytics begins with knowing what data you should be looking at and how to interpret that data to drive insightful business decisions. Then, how do you turn the insights into reports that every CMO wants to see. In this session, you will learn the appropriate metrics for each stage of the buyers journey, what multi-touch and first touch attribution mean, how Marketo uses attribution to tie marketing programs to revenue and pipeline, and how to start leveraging the wealth of data in Marketo to improve your marketing ROI. 

AWSome Sauce: 10 Marketo Life Lessons From An Enterprise Org
Joe Reitz
Global Technical Training Manager

With over 600 Marketo users at AWS, we've learned a few tricks for getting the most out of Marketo at a global, enterprise scale. Whether you're a small independent B2C startup, or a massive B2B conglomerate, you'll leave this session with 10 actionable tips for your marketing program. We'll talk about our unique training and QA processes, how we manage events, integrations, and a lot more.

Be Inspired: Building Grassroots D&I Programs
Anicia Santos
Sales Engineering Lead
Kathleen Castaillac
Sr. Director, Global Events
Rachel Schnorr
VP, Media: SEM

Feel passionate about the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace? Wondering what you can do to make a difference at your company? Hear what your peers at other Marketo customers and partners are doing at their organizations to create a more diverse and inclusive place to work. Be inspired to do the same at your organization!

Beyond Channels: What Else To Use To Capture The Data You Really Need (Workshop)
Emily Thornton
Senior Consultant, Technology
Jenny Robertson
Vice President, Technology
Taylor Enfinger
Senior Consultant, Technology

In this session, you will learn how to use channels, tags, fields, and URL parameters to ensure you're capturing the data points you really need for important KPIs and reporting. We will highlight: 1) Channels--the importance of proper channel use and how to set up programs to track activity by channel. 2) Tag utilization. 3) Lead Source tracking. 4) URL Parameters--how to use parameters in forms and for smart campaign tracking and parameter best practices. 4) KPIs, Reporting, and SFDC--recommended KPIs for each channel, reports you can run, and how to tie your data to SFDC. Be sure to pay attention so you can answer pop questions and win prizes along the way! 

Beyond Revenue Performance: The Real KPIs of B2B Marketing
Lori Wizdo
Vice President, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Revenue performance has become standard for B2B marketers with more than 3/4 of global B2B marketing decision makers measuring marketing’s impact on pipeline & revenue. But as recently as a decade ago, the idea was radical. Fearless marketing leaders adopted the practice, requiring cultural change, re-engineering of the marketing & sales process, & deep investment in marketing automation. We’ve seen the results; revenue marketers contribute nearly 30% more than other B2B marketers.

But, there’s been an unintended consequence. In many firms, marketing is now seen as the supplier of leads to a load-bearing sales force. That belies the reality that marketing is evolving to be the steward of the customer relationship across the lifecycle. The question for marketing execs is: “what measures & metrics demonstrate the full value of marketing to my organization?” In this session we’ll dig into practical approaches to that challenge, specifically:

  • How to link marketing performance to corporate performance in ways the CEO, CFO & COO care about
  • Which 15 metrics are more important to measure than revenue performance
  • What metrics & measure should be on the ‘Marketing Performance Dashboard’

Breaking Open the Predictive Black Box
Katie Bullard
Chief Growth Officer

What data points lead to higher conversion rates – and ultimately more sales? And are you currently leveraging them to find your next buyer? Katie Bullard, Chief Growth Officer of DiscoverOrg, will walk through the results of an in-depth survey of sales and marketing professionals in a manager level or above position and share key findings about the predictive analytic “secret sauce.” Hint: There are 3 types of data needed to accurately predict purchase intent and only 15% of companies are using all three.

Budgeting for Marketing Performance: How to Save time, Spend Wisely & Do More with Less
Matthew Heinz
Heinz Marketing Inc

Let’s face it, you’ll never have “enough” marketing budget.  But you can absolutely get more done, and drive greater results, with what you already have.  In this session you’ll hear proven strategies for smarter budgeting, how to communicate spend-to-impact with your management team, and make the most of finite resources. 


You’ll walk away with specific, tactical tools and processes to manage your budget more proactively, successfully position new investments to your counterparts in Finance, and make real-time adjustments that increase results.

You will learn how to:

  1. Drive greater performance from any budget
  2. Package and win new investment requests from your CFO
  3. Tightly and accurately tie spend to impact and revenue contribution


Building a Content Marketing Powerhouse
Amanda Todorovich
Senior Director, Content
Cleveland Clinic

Hear how Cleveland Clinic turned its infant blog and 3 person social media team into a 30 person content marketing department managing sites that generate millions of visits per month and actually bring revenue into marketing. Amanda Todorovich, 2016 Content Marketer of the Year and 2017 finalist for Boldest Healthcare Brand Marketer, will share practical tips that will revolutionize your approach to content marketing and her insights on where the future of content is going, including Podcasting, Facebook Live, and more. Learn about content monetization, productization and how to get more results out of everything you create.

Building a Data Brokerage Service to Leverage Custom Object and Activities in Marketo
Stephen Baker
Manager, Marketing Automation
Amazon Web Services

As the number of channels grows, the potential touchpoints through which marketers can engage customers and understand their behaviors is rapidly expanding. Now more than ever, we need to leverage the cloud, simplify development and streamline innovation in order to expand the reach of marketing. In this session we’ll walk you through how to: Learn the basics of building your own data brokerage service. A high-level overview of architectures and build a marketing technology solution that can scale and accommodate ad-hoc marketing needs while not sacrificing automation. Deep Dive on Custom Objects and Activites, learn how to integrate Marketo to more customer touch points in your ecosystem. Lightly touch on how to leverage Amazon Web Services You won’t want to miss this one!

Building the Case for Transformation in Your Organization – a Workshop
Travis Campbell
Senior Value Advisor

Aligning marketing's initiatives to the business priorities of the C-suite has become baseline expectation of today's enterprise executive. In this hands-on, 90-minute workshop, you'll come away with:

  • The key concepts that successful organizations are employing to tell the story of transformation
  • Techniques to facilitate buy-in and ways to increase credibility of executive stakeholders in the process
  • An understanding of where your organization falls along the Marketo Maturity Curve, and how that knowledge can help you plan your steps forward

Centralized vs Decentralized, a Peak into Uber's CRM Global Org
Wyatt Bales
Enterprise CRM
Uber Technologies

How many people should we hire? Where should they sit? Should I grant access to local/regional users to run everything centrally? There were the tough questions we had to answer at Uber with >25,000 employed resources. Take look into how Uber setup its global marketing ops team and where it's headed.

Communicate with your leads while they are hot and “Accelerate” your nurture communication strategy
Steve Barnard
Director, Demand Center

Over the past several years, Demand Centers have gained prominence to become mission control for driving marketing excellence to drive greater operational efficiency, predictability and performance. Most Demand Centers have also aimed to establish best practices in B2B demand generation services, data services, and marketing technology to achieve a unified buying experience across its customer base maximize response, pipeline revenue, and return on marketing investment. However, few if any Demand Centers have aimed to establish best practices across both B2B and B2C. Join Steve Barnard of Lenovo whom is building out one of the first Demand Centers focused on both B2B and B2C. Learn how Steve and his team have learned that applying a common "transaction vs. relationship" go-to-market approach can help scale people, process, and technology across its SMB, Commercial, and Consumer Customer Segments. Finally, learn how and why Steve and his team self selected Marketo to be at the center of its new marketing technology infrastructure and how it will help them scale up and scale out its demand engine.

Courageous Tech Marketers Grow CLV by Keeping Customers for Life
Ardath Albee
Marketing Interactions Inc

The subscription and recurring revenue business models that so many B2B and SaaS companies have adopted mean you’re never done winning over your customers. Marketers can no longer be satisfied by providing sales teams with a well-oiled acquisition machine but must generate impact across the entirety of the customer lifecycle. The days of sitting back over the course of a 3-year contract and stepping in to renew—hoping the cost to switch is too high—are over. CEOs are tasking marketers to take responsibility for customer experience to grow revenues. To be successful you must fearlessly pursue customer knowledge and work with sales and service teams to ensure consistently great experiences at every stage and on every channel they frequent. Keeping customers for life and growing the revenues they bring is not a spectator sport. In this session, you’ll learn:

• Shifts to make to increase relevance and engagement that drive customer lifetime value (CLV) • How to blend channels to create a compelling omni-channel experience
• How marketers can construct a narrative that evolves across the customer lifecycle

Creating Culture that Fosters Innovation
Carla Johnson
Speaker, Author, Storyteller and Chief Experience Officer
Type A Communications

How the world's most innovative teams surface great ideas to deliver exponential outcomes.

We've all seen the examples of LEGO's Hollywood movie, GE Ecomagination and Red Bull's sky dive from the stratosphere. They're held up time and time again as beacons of killer creative. Enough already. It's easy if you have sexy products, big budgets and household brand names. But in the “real” world there are all kinds of restraints. Those innovative examples don't have anything to do with us.

Or do they?

It turns out, we all suffer from something called Brand Detachment Disorder (B.D.D.). We can't connect the dots with unrelated brands and our blindness kills creative ideas before we even start. But guess what — the most brilliant teams understand innovation is something you consistently nurture, rather than leave to chance.

Welcome to The Innovation Factory.

In this captivating presentation, author and marketing executive Carla Johnson shows you how combating B.D.D., recognizing inspiration everywhere and iterating ideas breeds unstoppable creativity and game-changing innovation for you and your company.

By the end of Carla’s dynamic session, you’ll:

  • Clearly understand how to use great brands as inspiration for your own work
  • Be armed with the five simple steps to fast-track great ideas into killer execution
  • Know how to overcome the fear of innovation with a tried-and-true process

Customer Journey and Engagement Analytics - The Two Pillars of Deep Customer Engagement
Srikant Sharma
Group Vice President, Customer Success

Understanding your customer’s journey and streamlining all the interactions with your organization, with particular emphasis on post-purchase lifecycle, is vital to delivering rich experiences for, and an expanding relationship with your customer.  Continuous optimization is also imperative, and it is essential to have metrics and analytics across the interaction journey to do so.

In this session, we’ll show you Marketo’s own process for bringing about such transformation, including:

•          How Marketo is designing a Customer Journey Program

•          What we’re doing to design and develop deep Customer Engagement Analytics

•          Our tips for making your business case for investments in customer experience, and why those investments are critical for success in the Engagement Economy

Cut me some Slack! Leveraging The Slack API With Marketo Webhooks And Bots
Erik Heldebro
Chief Marketing Officer

Slack is a great tool for reducing emails (which are easily missed) and increasing direct communication with your sales team. The real power of Slack for helping you build alignment with Sales comes from using Marketo Webhooks to send lead alerts directly into Slack. Learn how Slack uses Incoming Webhooks and go the step further with the Slack API by passing message information back to Marketo to be used for more actions.  Complex flow step constraints can ensure only the right (and most valuable) data is passed through. Find out how to build your own custom bot to pass interactive buttons and commands to Slack. You'll see how the Marketo/Slack integration easily connects into your lead management process for Marketing and Sales, and how Marketo can become the brain behind your martech stack, bridging workflows to push custom data to other platforms (like your CRM).

Defining Diversity & Inclusion: Melting Pot Versus Mosaic?
Courtney Masterson
Assistant Professor
University of San Francisco
LaFawn Davis
Sr. Director, Global Head of Culture & Inclusion
Maurice Wilkins
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Nicole Sanchez
CEO & Founder
Vaya Consulting

The concepts of diversity and inclusion play critical roles in empowering us to acknowledge, understand, and value our differences. Research also shows that organizations that are diverse, and whose employees feel like they belong, outperform those that are not. How can we best cultivate diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Should we share our experiences and assimilate people’s differences (melting pot), or maintain our individual identities and honor those differences (mosaic)? Learn from a panel of talented professionals about what diversity and inclusion means to their organizations.

Don't Get Lost In The Upside Down Of Your Sales Funnel (Workshop)
Carissa Russell
Marketing Technologist
Current, powered by GE
Chelsea Kiko
Marketing Automation Team Lead
Hileman Group
Chris Saporito
Associate Manager, Marketing Technology

As a strategic marketer, becoming BFFs with your sales team can be challenging. Thankfully, with Marketo, it can be a little easier to earn their trust. This session will show you the power of interesting moments, alerts, and tasks. Learn to use the Marketing Sales Insight (MSI) add-on to strategically nurture your relationship with your account owners by handing off the most engaged leads and helping to push to closed-win status a little quicker. The challenges are vast, from training sales to get them on board to making sure the right type of interesting moments are recorded. Come with us as we take a deep dive into MSI and different ways to utilize the tool to maximize the power of sales alignment. You will learn the right kind of interesting moments to record and how to set them up, when to use a task vs an alert for a highly engaged action, how to ensure your strategy aligns with your lead lifecyle, and best practices for getting sales on board so they trust your interesting moments, alerts, or tasks and follow up quickly.

Driving Growth with a Culture of Data-Driven Marketing
Kevin Lissandrello
Marketing Group Manager – Demand Generation
Libby Koebnick
Marketing Analytics Manager
Steve Bendt
VP of Marketing

Want to drive growth? You need reliable data and a data-driven marketing culture – basic lead generation or even advanced marketing processes won’t do it anymore. Learn how good marketing data works in ops, demand gen, and at the VP level to drive revenue, budget, and team growth. 

Email Deliverability 101: Winning The Inbox Wars (Workshop)
Carmi López-Jones
Manager, Email Deliverability
Kiersti Esparza
Director, Email Delivery and Compliance

The key to driving optimal deliverability performance with prized inbox placement is customer engagement. In the Engagement Economy, it is all about building personalized, authentic relationships with your customers to drive that engagement.  In this session, you’ll learn why deliverability to the inbox can be complex (spoiler alert:  engagement matters) and how you can optimize for success. Learn how to identify segments in your audiences that matter most -- most highly engaged, least engaged, complainers, unsubscribers, and risky audiences. Plus, we'll show you how to setup Marketo programs to manage your data quality and engagement.

Empowering Field Marketing with Event in a Box with Marketo
Jeff Canada
Manager, Global Marketing Operations
Jessica Cross

Whether you support 10 events per year or 200 globally, Marketo can scale with your team, if you take the right steps of course. In this session Jeff Canada of Quantcast and Jessica Cross of AdRoll will walk you through how they built a center of excellence to support global field marketers, delivering proofread, on brand, beautiful emails and lps, over and over again. We will cover: How to build (and enforce) a request process Using program templates and tokenization to speed production Clone, Copy, and Test Get the right components to Sales with MSI How to Fix problems fast. Automate Monitoring Close out with a Bang Tracking Results: Tactical & ROI

Engagement Platform Roadmap: Touring the Goldmine of Platform Innovation
Ajay Awatramani
Sr. Director, Platform and Analytics

Curious about recent Marketo releases and upcoming roadmap? Join us to recap planned platform innovations in this product roadmap session, including covering new APIs, enterprise-grade capabilities, integrations, google cloud plans and platform acceleration upgrades. Also included is a recap of platform innovation from 2017, and a closer look at the hugely successful bulk API enhancement.

Evolving from Marketing Ops to CX Ops: A Path to Enlightenment for the AI-Phobic
Gerry Murray
Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology

Like the Internet and smartphones before it, AI will fundamentally change the nature of relationships between customers and brands. It will reshape customer behavior and expectations and it will enable new capabilities for marketers.


Marketing organizations will have to reformulate their missions and broaden their IT strategies. On both counts, AI will be a key competency for marketing and marketing operations teams.


In this session, we'll discuss ways AI will redefine marketing, how Marketing Operations can transform into CX Ops, current use cases, and baby steps along the road to AI mastery.


Fearless Marketing In A GDPR World: Tips To Thrive Amidst New Regulations
Michelle Miles
VP of Consulting Services

GDPR is the most significant change to European privacy laws in two decades, and affects anyone doing business in Europe. The path to compliance has been no easy task; now it’s “go” time. But what will marketing look like in this new, regulated environment? How will GDPR impact marketing automation, cookie law, and your lead database? In this session, you’ll get Marketo-specific tips plus actionable ideas to take your team from intimidated to empowered. Discover how to, not only “survive,” but thrive in a permission-based world under the fearless GDPR marketers’ creed of "No Prisoners: Understand Consent And Transparency In Data Usage."

From Nurture To Negotiation: Intelligent ABM In 2018 (Workshop)
Rachel Noble
Manager, Client Services
Digital Pi

Account-Based Marketing is here to stay. In the digital age, it’s easy to get bogged down in all the martech capabilities at your fingertips and lose sight of what really matters: engagement. Because even though we’re marketing to accounts, it’s the individuals that will serve as internal champions to demonstrate the value of your product within their organization. In this session, you will learn best practices for the seven simple steps to launching your first intelligent ABM program: #1 Determine your goals. #2 Select your list. #3 Create your strategy. #4 Smarket it. #5 Implement. #6 Learn. #7 Rinse and repeat.

From Zero to ABM in 7 Days:
Justin Gray
CEO and Founder

Account-Based Marketing is all about refocusing efforts to build stronger, more strategic business relationships, but this shift can feel overwhelming! Join Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD as he removes the mystery and intimidation from ABM by breaking this critical shift down into easy to digest, easy to implement pillars and walks you through the design of your own best-in-class ABM Pilot program… in less than a week. In this session you will learn: * How to rally Execs, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Product teams in building your new hyper-personalized ‘Go to Market’ strategy * How to Identify your best customers and their buying committees * What you need to create a foundational ABM tech stack designed to scale with you * What a pilot program entails and how to quickly operationalize it * The value of benchmarks along with a takeaway framework you can use tomorrow.

How Microsoft is using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Today and Tomorrow
Charles Eichenbaum
Director of Marketing Technology & Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big evolution in humanity’s relationship with technology. It is already permeating areas in our everyday lives whether it be at work, at home, or at play. In this session hear about how we at Microsoft see AI, how we’re using AI today in marketing, and find out some of the learnings we’ve had along the way.

How To Build A Marketing Operations Center Of Excellence (Workshop)
Andy Varshneya
Sr Manager, Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing
Edward Unthank

With company growth comes increased demands on the marketing team, specifically the marketing operations team. In this session, you will learn what it takes to scale your marketing operations team with the company in a way that maintains discipline, yet allows your team to continue operating with the agility of a marketing team 1/10th the size.

How to Move Marketing to the C-Suite, and Stay There
Stephen Yeo
Marketing Director

CMOs now have the shortest tenure of all the "C" functions in the senior management team. This presentation describes practical techniques and tactics that can be used to make Marketing a "C-suite" function and how to become a long-term, indispensable "C" level member. Techniques covered include:

  • Measurement... and what to measure
  • Mutual, upfront contracts with stakeholders
  • Without a runway, you cannot take off and fly
  • How to buy yourself time
  • Key areas of the business to master and own

How to Operationalize ABM and Win as One Revenue Team
Kristen Wendel
Director of Marketing Operations
Peter Herbert
Sarah Ezell
Enterprise Sales Executive
Todd McCormick

When Account-Based Marketing programs falter, it’s usually for two reasons: 1). Operationalizing ABM through new systems, tech, processes, training, and metrics can be hard, 2). Alignment between sales, marketing, and the CEO can be elusive. In this session, two revenue teams will tell true tales of ABM transformation, results, and unity between sales and marketing that won over their CEOs and boards.


ABM and Marketo champions Kristen Wendel and Peter Herbert will be joined by their revenue partners from sales to share their “One Team” results and explain how to:


  • Build the systems needed to create an account-based revenue machine
  • Create one ABM scorecard for sales and marketing
  • Identify and prioritize the accounts most likely to buy
  • Train your teams to execute ABM
  • Clear the roadblocks that MUST be removed to succeed with One Team ABM
  • Unify sales and marketing with ABM, and get your CEO on board too!

How VersionOne Engaged with 88% of Target Accounts for ABM
Jodi Lebow
Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations
VersionOne (now CollabNet)
Randy Frisch
CMO and President

Are you looking for a way to better align your sales and marketing teams? Wondering how you can scale ABM and content personalization? Join Jodi Lebow, VersionOne’s Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, as she shares insights on engaging target accounts for ABM by creating personalized content experiences with Uberflip, and how her team won
the SiriusDecisions ABM Program of the Year award.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Align your marketing and sales teams for account-based success
  • Create personalized content experiences at scale 
  • Increase engagement with content across key accounts to accelerate the buying process

Inbound + Outbound = All-bound | Sales + Marketing = Smarketing
Jill Rowley
Chief Growth Advisor
Kristen Cardinalli
GVP, Demand Generation

Companies that are serious about growth are blurring the lines between inbound and outbound strategies. The way people shop, buy and consider purchases has fundamentally changed in the last 3 years. Demand and Field Marketing teams can no longer work in silos and simply "feed sales"; they must be tethered to Sellers in order to deliver an integrated end-to-end experience that captures the buyer’s interest and moves them quickly through the funnel.


Join this session to hear how Marketo has transformed to a multi-channel all-bound strategy by focusing on the customer and facilitating the ideal experience. We'll offer lessons learned, ideas for embarking on your own B2B all-bound journey and strategies to create a successful Smarketing partnership.

Inbound Tracking: Everything You Need to Know About UTM Parameters
Danni Holleran
Marketing Technologist
CA Technologies
Ryan Vong
Digital Pi

If you’ve had any conversations around how to track online ads or how to track inbound web links, then you would’ve probably heard of the letters “UTM” or something about “UTM parameters” or “UTM tracking”. “UTM” is the acronym for “Urchin Tracking Module” and Urchin was a company purchased by Google a long time ago. This method for tagging links is widely used as a standard for tracking today. In this session, learn how to use this UTM parameter tracking to capture inbound traffic with Marketo with ease. -Tracking visitors before they become “known” to you. - Learn how to quickly deploy it for social campaigns, partners, paid advertising & more - Learn best practices for setting up a scaleable structure for reporting.

Inbox providers don’t hate you. They just like your recipients better.
Jacob Hansen
Sr. Email Deliverability Consultant
Matt Rushing
Manager of Conversion Marketing

Inbox service providers (a.k.a. ISPs, a.k.a. the Gmails, Yahoos, and Microsofts of the world) can make life tough for email marketers, but it’s all with good intentions. Their most important constituents are not the brands trying to send email campaigns, but rather their end users who trust them to filter out bad mail. If you’re not making it to the inbox, you’re either part of a spam gang or, more likely, a coachable marketer. As a marketer, it’s good to fight fear of the unknown with knowledge. Know confidently 1) what you’re judged on by ISP filters (which affects your email before it even gets in front of the recipient/human), and 2) how to control and impact those factors positively. This session will use role-playing examples that leave you with actionable takeaways to make ISPs happy, improve deliverability, and ultimately drive engagement for your email program.

Infrastructure Down & Dirty: Architecting Best Practices In Marketo
Edward Unthank

Does your instance have operational programs that seem disconnected, inefficient, or worse - they’re just not working right? Over the past three years, we’ve created a science of reusable Marketo operational architecture—routers, switches, and controllers—and we’re going to throw open the hood and show you all the best practices we’ve developed while working on enterprise Marketo instances. We’ll show you the key building blocks you can use over and over again to scale your operational infrastructure. See how each of these key architecture pieces can connect your individual programs, efficiently execute processes and make troubleshooting a breeze. Come and learn the language of advanced Marketo architecture and how you can start using these components to connect and run all of your operational programs, from Lifecycle Processing and Lead Source to intelligently assigning leads to engagement programs with Traffic Director.

Leading from the Front: how to break the MOPs execution mold and take your seat at the strategic planning table

Marketing automation professionals are perfectly positioned to provide strategic value to their organizations. We have the technical expertise, we have the data at our fingertips, we know how technology works together, and (frankly) we know how to get sh!t done. In the past, far too often we were relegated to just the execution tasks – “build this email”, “send this report”, “launch this digital campaign.” So how did we break the “execution” mold, and take our seat providing value to strategic planning and beyond? In this session, we’ll show you how to:

  • Move from post-mortem reports to forward-looking projections based on internal/industry data and a consultant-type approach
  • Use Marketo as an insights engine to power strategic decision making and automate campaigns at scale
  • Create an integrated approach to campaign and program planning, leveraging multiple tactics to drive a quality prospect and customer experience, including leveraging RTP website content and ad retargeting capabilities
  • Build a planning and execution process that is informed by data at the top, is driven by SLA’s and project management, and leverages robust outcome-based reporting at the bottom
  • Leverage Marketo as a technology hub to support the organization at large, but at scale but also to support individuals needs

Lessons from The Five W’s of Breaking into Owned Media
Tim Moran
Editor in Chief,
Palo Alto Networks

WHO: Tim Moran, B2B tech journalist, founding editor of, current EIC of Palo Alto Networks


WHAT: Tim will discuss how brands can own their media environment rather than rent it, creating and owning a content site—or network—to rival the best of independent media.


WHEN: There is no better time than now. Finding out what your customers—and potential customers—are interested in about your business and industry, and providing it in a non-threatening way is the only road ahead for marketing. Don’t be left behind.


WHERE: This transformation starts in marketing. Join this session and learn how to make this happen today in your marketing department—with the right people and state of mind. Getting into brand publishing requires marketers to jettison some old ideas about what marketing should do and what constitutes success.

WHY: To earn a Pulitzer? Doubtful, but becoming a brand publisher can make you, your team—even your entire C-suite—better versed in the issues of the day in your industry. This session will reveal tried-and-true lessons from that can help brands earn trust, and become an indispensable industry resource.

Make The Most Out Of Your A/B Testing: What Every Data Driven Marketer Needs To Know (Workshop)
Jessica Kao
Director Client Serices
Digital Pi

As marketers, we want to constantly optimize what we do from email subject lines, to ad copy, to button color, to landing pages, but how do we set up a proper A/B test and avoid letting bad data leaAs marketers, we want to constantly optimize all our marketing programs, from email subject lines to ad copy to button color to landing pages. How do we set up a proper A/B test and avoid letting bad data lead us astray? In this session you will learn: 1) How to plan your A/B test to get meaningful data, 2) How to avoid the most common testing mistakes, and 3) How to interpret your results to optimize your marketing.d you astray. In this session you will learn: How to plan your A/B test to get meaningful data How to avoid the most common mistakes How to interpret your results to drive optimization.

Managing Inclusively: Leading Your Team Through Volatile Times
Michelle Kim
CEO & Co-Founder

#MeToo, Charlottesville, politically charged ads (and some shockingly embarrassing ones)… As the political and workplace boundaries continue to blur, companies are feeling the pressure to manage the growing tension in and outside of the workplace. Join this timely conversation with Michelle Kim to learn how you can empower yourself with practical strategies to have courageous conversations with your team and become an inclusive leader. 

Marketing Inclusively: Creating Genuine Connection With Diverse People
Jim D’Arcangelo
SVP - Growth Marketing
Lance Rios
Founder of Being Latino & Co-Founder of Supreme Digital
Being Latino & Supreme Digital

The people to whom you market are incredibly diverse. You want to create genuine connections with them, but how? Hear from two progressive marketers about what it takes to create welcoming and inclusive conversations with your customers…conversations that are relevant to them, in their languages, lifestyles, tastes, celebrations, challenges.

Marketo Sales Engage Roadmap: Learn how Coordinated Marketing & Sales Engagement Delights Customers and Drives Revenue
Christina Rouse
Principal Product Manager

Get introduced to Marketo Sales Engage and learn how combining marketing and social insights with sales playbooks and analytics helps your sales and marketing teams align on shared goals, messaging and partner to engage customers in a meaningful way. In this session, we’ll cover product availability, getting set up, as well as provide an overview of the Marketo Sales Engage product roadmap. Marketers and sellers will learn how to drive more pipeline together. 

Marketo's Innovative New User Experience: Re-imagining Marketo & the Engagement Platform of the Future
Justin Cooperman
Director, Product Management

Take a guided journey through Marketo's breakthrough new user experience, which is designed from the ground up to help you work faster and smarter. Also learn about exciting new functionality that will help users be more efficient, including Global Search, Labels, Saved Smart List Rules, Bulk Actions, and much, much more. During this session, Marketo's product team will show you the power of the Next Gen UX and layout a vision for an entirely new Marketo.

Master Engagement Marketing With Marketo Engagement Programs
Josh Hill
Director, Lead Lifecycle Management

The Engagement Nurture Program is one of the most useful and least understood features of Marketo. When used effectively, an engagement nurture can power everything from sales prospecting and ABM to customer lifecycle programs. Join Marketo expert Josh Hill in this special deep dive session, going beyond the product docs to learn the secret framework that helps you build scalable systems that automate your email communications. Learn how to take campaign requirements, translate them into Marketo, and build effective engagement nurtures. Josh will show you how to design a system which can manage 20 major campaigns in a week requiring only two hours of your time (versus managing four programs per week with 30+ hours of your time).

Mastering Complexity: Building Multi-Product Global Enterprise Environment in Marketo
Helen Abramova
Marketing Technology Lead
Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Kendall Brown
Manager, Global Demand Generation
Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Join us to see a real life case of building multiple product lead scoring algorithms, engagement programs, and campaign strategies for an enterprise organization.  We’ll discuss:

-Marketo administration for multi-faceted global organization: lessons learned. 
-Building a scoring model: how to identify the right product groups and tailor the scores to follow your customer journey scenarios.
-Engagement programs: how to navigate between multiple product tracks.
-Predictive scoring models - ensuring resources are invested in the best areas.

Maximize Your Ad ROI: Get the Most from Your Ad Spend with Marketo
Frank Passantino
Lead Product Manager

Ever wondered how to get the most from your ad spend? Use the customer interaction data you have in Marketo to personalize your ad campaigns! All activity, persona and firmographic data that is tracked in Marketo -- including buyer stage, score, product interest and more -- is at your fingertips to use to hyper target your prospects and customers with precise offers. Join this session to learn about the use cases and benefits of connecting Marketo to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other ad platforms. 

Moving from a corporate SPAM program to a corporate GRAND SLAM email program
Ann Freccero
Sr. Director, Global Marketing Strategy

TIBCO was working from a large database, and we saw that our deliverability score was decreasing, as were our open rates. In addition, our soft bounces were increasing — indicating to us that we were not being seen favorably by end servers. We were also hearing from our reps and customers that they were not receiving emails; this was likely due to the bounces/poor deliverability. Doing a full clean of such a large database was a long-term project, but we could not wait for that to be completed. Using best practices, we were able to quickly start to turn this around, reducing duplicates and limiting recipients to only those leads that were active with us. With this, we could analyze those who were inactive, and work on campaigns to get them re-engaged. These efforts also worked to improve our “credit” with various end servers, allowing our emails to get through to our important leads and contacts.  The results have been astonishing: we’ve reduced the number of emails we send by more than 50, increased our deliverability by 5%, and increased our open rate by over 150%. Soft bounces by over 67%! Decrease the noise, but turn up the effectiveness of your email programs!

Network with Marketing Peers in Education

Ever wonder if you’re the only one struggling with a specific marketing challenge, or if you’re even on the right track? 

Register for our education meetup to engage with other fearless marketers about the issues that matter most to you.

No set agenda – just a chance to bring your burning questions and share your knowledge and best practices with your peers. Don’t forget your business cards! 

Network with Marketing Peers in Financial Services

Ever wonder if you’re the only one struggling with a specific marketing challenge, or if you’re even on the right track? 

Register for our financial services meetup to engage with other fearless marketers about the issues that matter most to you.

No set agenda – just a chance to bring your burning questions and share your knowledge and best practices with your peers. Don’t forget your business cards! 

Network with Marketing Peers in Healthcare

Ever wonder if you’re the only one struggling with a specific marketing challenge, or if you’re even on the right track? 

Register for our healthcare meetup to engage with other fearless marketers about the issues that matter most to you.

No set agenda – just a chance to bring your burning questions and share your knowledge and best practices with your peers. Don’t forget your business cards! 

Network with Marketing Peers in Manufacturing

Ever wonder if you’re the only one struggling with a specific marketing challenge, or if you’re even on the right track? 

Register for our manufacturing meetup to engage with other fearless marketers about the issues that matter most to you.

No set agenda – just a chance to bring your burning questions and share your knowledge and best practices with your peers. Don’t forget your business cards! 

Network with Marketing Peers using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ever wonder if you’re the only one facing challenges with your use of Dynamics CRM and Marketo, and if you’re on the right track in your approach? 

Register for our Microsoft Dynamics meetup to engage with other fearless marketers about the issues that matter most to marketers using MSD CRM and Marketo and to learn about the Dynamics CRM Virtual User Group!

No set agenda – just a chance to bring your burning questions and share your knowledge and best practices with your peers. Don’t forget your business cards! 

Passing The Baton: How to Track Sales Follow Up On Your Marketing Leads (Workshop)
David Da Silva
Director of Global Marketing Operations
Mark Farnell
VP Marketing Operations

We all want to measure and increase marketing success and conversion to pipeline. However, without a strong measurable and optimized sales development process, your efforts will not always reap the rewards they otherwise could. Can you accurately call a campaign a success or failure if your Sales team didn’t follow up with the leads you passed over? The cold reality of B2B marketing is that it’s the interlock between your marketing activities and the sales followup that makes the difference and results in pipeline. Using native features in Marketo and Salesforce, you can see whether or not your campaign has been followed up correctly. If campaign A needs a 5 touch follow up, no problem! Marketo can show you if that’s happening. This session will cover initial response times on new MQLs, depth of follow up and sales touches, reporting and analytics against SLAs, and working in Business Minutes/Hours versus Total Minutes/Hours.

People. Data. Process: Building a Framework For Your Cross-selling Engine
Deanna Graves
Customer Demand Generation

Creating an effective cross-sell/upsell marketing strategy begins with cross-functional collaboration. What kind of internal collaboration is needed to align your marketing efforts to the customer journey? How does the customer journey inform the development and execution of your cross-sell/upsell programs? Attend this session to learn:

  • Where to start if you've never tackled cross-sell and upsell programs
  • Who to involve cross-functionally as you build your cross-sell engine, and how technology can enrich your efforts
  • Marketo's best practices for valuable and profitable customer engagement!

Personalized, Multichannel Marketing: Advancing the Connected Conversation
Adam Sarner
Senior Research Director, Marketing Operations Strategies

Marketers are united around building strong foundations of customer understanding, accelerating intelligence for engagement and automating execution.

The ultimate goal is orchestration of long-term, profitable conversations with customers - but this requires organizations to navigate their approach to analytics and customer data with confidence. This session will help marketing leaders advance their strategy concerning techniques like personalization, real-time decisioning, and event-triggering, among others.

In this session, Adam Sarner, Senior Research Director for Marketing Operations Strategies at Gartner will answer:

  • What are the drivers for the connected conversation?
  • How will multichannel marketing leaders create mutual value?
  • What are the top technologies to focus on for acceleration?

Realizing the Promise of Data-Driven Marketing
John Donlon
Senior Research Director, Marketing Operations Strategies

Much lip service is given to the idea of being “data-driven” but few organizations have a comprehensive vision for what that means, let alone a playbook to implement the foundational elements that would allow them to realize the benefits of a data-centric philosophy. In this presentation, we’ll share an architecture and process framework for developing a truly data-driven marketing organization, along with tools and templates to operationalize it from the CMO to the individual contributor.

  • Discover what it means to embrace a data-driven approach at your organization
  • Understand the role of both performance data and operational intelligence in marketing activities
  • Get insight into the roles and responsibilities that help bring data to life

Rethinking your playbook: Using interactive content to modernize your marketing
Alex Schutte
Head of Digital Marketing Strategy

While marketers aren’t getting more hours in a day or rapidly expanding budgets, we are being

asked to rise to the challenge of transforming our strategies and tactics for today’s buyers who

demand more relevant, personalized experiences. So how do you create dynamic experiences

that do more than pay lip service to a customer-centric buyer journey? Learn how to use

interactive content to deliver real results at scale by giving your prospects what they’re asking for.


Rise of the Fearless CMO: How Bold Marketers Inspire the Whole Organization
Michael Brenner
Marketing Insider Group

Today's business leaders expects marketing to deliver revenue and higher ROI. And yet, every day, we are getting asked to do more and more marketing activities that don't deliver either revenue or better customer experiences.

In order to bridge this gap, the fearless future CMO puts customers at the center of everything they do. Because brilliant marketing leaders know that by focusing on customer value, we deliver better business outcomes.

In this presentation, veteran marketer, inspiring entrepreneur and bestselling author Michael Brenner will show you how the future CMO is fearlessly revolutionizing marketing around the customer experience.

-You'll learn the simple trick fearless marketers use to push back on the things that we know won't work

-You'll hear how to take your marketing to the next level and engage your audience through storytelling

-And you'll walk away with a powerful framework you can use to rally the entire organization around the customer.

The Future CMO is already here. It's time to embrace the future.

Rolebased Metrics: The Right Report For The Right Stakeholder At The Right Time
Veronica Holmes
Director / Principal Consultant
Verdant Marketing Automation

Proving the value of your marketing to your organization is one of the top concerns keeping us marketers up at night. Unfortunately, there is no one universal metric. Some metrics are designed to reveal growth. Reports containing these metrics are for decisionmakers and are usually focused on growth versus revenue goals. However, those reports don't help operational marketers take concrete action because they're not specific enough. Metrics designed for more tactical purposes, such as proving success, engagement, or acquisition, are vital for the optimization of marketing programs, but decisionmakers find them too detailed and irrelevant because they don't show them the big picture. Many reports aren't useful for anyone, and marketers risk their reputations by relying on them. This session will help you examine the needs of your most important internal stakeholders, at all levels--revealing their secret and unique desires--and show you how you can be the hero by giving them the exact right report at the exact right time.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: How ABM Brings Everyone Together
Craig Rosenberg
Co-founder, Chief Analyst

For years, Sales and Marketing alignment was non-existent, barely considered a strategic imperative. Then came the golden era of digital demand generation where Marketing could finally quantify their efforts, giving hope to the possibility of alignment. The reality was much different as Sales and Marketing became more siloed, relegating Marketing to delivering MQLs.


Now the account-based movement is in full swing and voila, sales and marketing alignment is here. The fundamental idea of an account-based strategy is to build the foundation for a coordinated, organizational effort to drive engagement and conversion against a mutually-agreed-upon set of target accounts. For organizations that have committed to the ABM process, alignment has become a reality and the business results have been extraordinary.


In this session, TOPO Analyst, Craig Rosenberg “the Funnelholic”, won’t just talk about the importance of alignment, he will share concrete steps needed to get there in support of ABM success.



  • The framework for ABM
  • Specific blueprints for aligning business units and coordinating programs
  • Real-world examples of successes and failures

Secrets Flat Out Stink - Let's Reveal Marketo's Secrets to Demand Generation
Mike Madden
Sr. Manager, Marketing

To the people that think keeping secrets is fun, why? And what about Marketo's secrets to running a world class demand generation engine? Do you think those are fun secrets to keep? Cue the spotlights and draw the curtains. I don't...and that's why we have an entire session dedicated to taking our best kept secrets and releasing them to the Marketing Nation Community! Backed by data, this session will dive into how we've solved the most challenging use cases plus give you few of our most influential a/b tests of last year. You'll learn: - How to leverage automation for everything from website visits to email deliverability to form abandonment - The Marketo Demand Generation testing methodology and how to confidently roll out changes that make a splash - Three influential a/b tests that reshaped our demand generation strategy.

Skinning Schrodinger’s Cat: Fearless Marketing When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
Jenn DiMaria
Marketing Automation Consultant
RevEngine Marketing
Juli James
Assistant Professor
St. Edwards University

There are multiple ways to do everything in Marketo, but if you’re like most of us, you don’t always know what you don’t know, and figuring out how to do something can become tricky business. The good news is you don’t have to rip your hair out deciding what works best for your organization. In this session, you’ll learn: The pros and cons (and compromises!) of how we’ve set up multiple Marketo systems to accomplish the same goal in different ways. Tips and tricks about what you know you need, but have been worried about tackling, including Data Management, Tokens, Global Forms, Campaigns, and Data Processing. What we wish we’d known going into Marketo so we could have set up better campaigns from day one. Plus, you’ll get recommendations on how to fill in any knowledge gaps so you can become a Fearless Marketo user and your company’s go-to source for automation expertise.

Smash The Data Silos: Use Marketo To Create A Single Source Of Customer Truth
Courtney Grimes
Martech Solutions Engineer
Eric Hollebone
Chief Marketing Technologist
Gary DeAsi
Director of Marketing, Demand Generation

As marketing leaders attempt to lead their company in the engagement economy, the lack of a shared, unified view of the customer and their journeys due to siloed data, tools, and teams is the #1 reason they fail. How can you use Marketo to wrangle all your systems and point solutions to create a single source of customer truth? In this session, we will look at the bottlenecks and disconnects that block customer insight and go through a methodology for overcoming them. Learn how to break down silos by modeling, tagging, and schematizing Marketo and crossplatform data to create a single source of truth. Turbocharge your Marketo touchpoint, program, and channel reporting with a journey-based analytic framework that illuminates the entire customer lifecycle across platforms. Leverage data to uncover high impact opportunities and obstacles in the path-to-purchase and path-to-advocacy. Transform a fragmented tangle of touchpoints, programs, channels, and platforms into a unified story and learn how to use the data fearlessly to achieve new levels of customer engagement.

Social Media Marketing Trends: How to Keep Up in an Ever Changing Landscape
Lisa Marcyes
Senior Social Media Marketing Manager
Nick Martin
Social Engagement Coordinator
Steve Kearns
Social Media Lead, Sales & Marketing Solutions

As a marketer, social media can help you develop relationships, establish a brand voice, promote content, and engage potential customers even before they’re ready to buy. The question is no longer whether to do social, the real question is how to do it right so that it measurably contributes to your business's bottom line. We’ve invited top Social Media Marketing Managers from Marketo, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, and Google to learn: -How to incorporate social media into all of your marketing campaigns -How to choose the right social platforms for your organization -Channel best practices, from content development to listening and engagement -The best ways to measure social media marketing to determine real business ROI

Strengthening Sales & Marketing Alignment: Developing Real-Time Alerts with Rich, Actionable Insights (Workshop)
Dan Stevens
Sr. Director, Digital Marketing Operations

A common best practice when deploying and establishing an effective integrated marketing automation platform--or even enhancing a mature environment--is to ensure there is strong alignment between Sales and Marketing. One of the ways to achieve this is to maximize the use of Marketo’s real-time alerts to keep sales informed in a timely manner. But many people don’t realize the power that these alerts can have when applying them to specific use cases or the kind of data and insights they can contain. After attending this session, you will walk away knowing how to: 1) Maximize the use of tokens – including “trigger tokens” – to populate your alerts with rich data/insights. 2) Create smart campaigns to populate “history” fields of key insights – including Sales Insight data (like Interesting Moments). 3)  Use alerts to ensure Sales is properly adopting your lead management processes. 4) Understand the kind of data that can be contained in alerts – including direct links to the lead records in your CRM. 5) Select from different types of alerts – like “MQL Sales alerts,” “campaign response alerts,” and “lead progression alerts”  to ensure both Marketing and Sales are working in tandem.

Taking Out the Trash: Keeping Your Data & Database Clean
Kate Federhar
Manager of Marketing Operations
Scott Berns
Director of Marketing Operations

Good data. It's the cornerstone to effective marketing, but it requires rigor to stay on top of your database health! Join CenturyLink for a walk through their sizable Marketo instance and learn what they are doing upstream and downstream in 5 clear steps to maximize the data sitting in Marketo:

1. Clean: How to clean up what is in there right now
2. Purge: How to get rid of things you don't need to have in your Marketo instance
3. Merge: How to merge together leads to get to a single record
4. Maintain: How to not end up right back where you are in 6 months
5. Prevent: What you can do upstream to not send over dirty data to startThis session will take you through the CenturyLink 5 points of Data Cleanliness, and how to clean up a messy Marketo database. The points covered will include: 1. Clean: How to clean up what is in there right now 2. Purge: How to get rid of things you don't need to have in your Marketo instance 3. Merge: How to merge together leads to get to a single record 4. Maintain: How to not end up right back where you are in 6 months 5. Prevent: What you can do upstream to not send over dirty data to begin with This session will take you through the real-life example of the CenturyLink Marketo instance and what they are doing upstream and downstream to maximize the data sitting in Marketo

Telling a Better Story With Data: BBH & Content Marketing Maturity
John Fernandez
VP of Revenue Marketing
Kelly Crowe Dagdigian
Vice President, Head of Corporate Marketing
Brown Brothers Harriman
Michelle Pouliot
Vice President, Corporate Marketing
Brown Brothers Harriman

Great stories make us care about people, ideas, causes, and even companies. But storytelling will only take us so far. While our brains are hardwired for stories, our bottom lines thrive on data and insights. So how can we master the art and science of content marketing? For Brown Brothers Harriman, turning data into actionable insights was a crucial step on its content marketing journey. Now, BBH can see how content helps paint a larger picture, tying in everything from email campaigns and events to press and corporate communications. In this session, Contently and BBH will highlight how you can overcome your content growing pains to create a successful content marketing program.

The ABCs of Persuasive Messaging
Nancy Harhut
Chief Creative Officer
HBT Marketing

In marketing, as in Scrabble, some words are worth more than others. They're the words with the power to convince and convert -- the ones that drive marketers' success in emails, landing pages and content titles. And with mobile readership increasingly shrinking the physical space in those areas, a single word can make a sizable difference.

Discover 26 (yes, one for each letter of the alphabet!) persuasive words and copy constructs that you can easily use tomorrow to increase your read and respond rates. Hear about the scientific studies and in-market research supporting each. And leave ready to write more persuasive content.

In this fascinating, example jammed, high-energy session, you’ll:

• Discover why Herd Mentality and Urgency make people act without thinking, and learn how easy it is to use these powerful constructs in your marketing communications

• See how to use the surprising pulling power of the word “Because” to get people to reflexively agree with what you've written

• Find out which 3 words are scientifically proven to automatically attract readership - and where the most effective places are to use them in your content


The Disciplined ABM Organization: What Successful Companies Do Differently
Matt Senatore
Service Director, Account-Based Marketing

Increased engagement.  Better conversion. Larger deal sizes.  That’s the promise of account-based marketing (ABM).  Who wouldn’t sign up for that? Unfortunately, some organizations are unable to make the necessary commitment to achieve these types of results.

In this session, Matt Senatore, Account-Based Marketing Service Director for SiriusDecisions, reveals the key elements that best practice ABM organizations have invested in and perform, and how that differ from lower-performing peers.  You’ll learn where organizations are focusing activity, tools and measurement for ABM and see award-winning examples from fearless ABM clients of SiriusDecisions.

The Hero Lies Within: The Super Powers Marketers Didn’t Know They Have
Brian Solis
Principal Analyst

Marketing today is caught in a limiting cycle of iteration and incrementalism. At the same time, marketing faces some of its greatest opportunities ever. Ask any marketing executive however about their take on things, and you’ll hear stories of marketing innovation and successful case studies. But there’s a stark difference between iteration and innovation.

World renown digital analyst and best-selling author Brian Solis has been on the front lines of innovation for over 20 years. His research consistently shows that executives (in most roles) are out of touch when it comes to outside disruption. This greatly hinders the long-term effect of strategies, models and methods simply because they’re rooted in bygone era. But everything must evolve to compete against progressive brands and startups. At the same time, many employees live life the same way that customers do as they disrupt markets. But at work, they’re held to legacy marketing playbooks, dated standards and unfavorable business metrics. It’s time for (r)evolution.

In this session, Brian show why this audience, you, are the hero who can save the future of marketing by building bridges between customers and human-centered campaigns and engagement. He will reveal the new hero’s journey for attendees to learn and unlearn how to innovate, truly transform and become the hero who ushers in a modern era of marketing that meets or exceeds the evolving expectations, preferences and behaviors of connected customers.

Under the Hood II: Tuning Batch Campaign Performance
Scott Nash
VP, Product Platform

Get an in-depth walkthrough from the Platform Product Management team on how to get the best performance from Marketo by learning how it works – how Batch Campaigns are processed from Membership to Campaign Flows to Message Assembly and Email sends. We’ll walk through Batch Campaigns as well as Bulk Import/Export and what to expect in terms of performance. We’ll also cover troubleshooting performance issues and finally best practices (and ones to avoid.)

Using Analytics to Put Together the Pieces of the Marketing Puzzle
Ajay Awatramani
Sr. Director, Platform and Analytics

There's a lot on the horizon with Marketo analytics. Come hear about how to piece together the marketing puzzle with Marketo's analytics solutions, including our wildly successful Marketo Performance Insights. This session will also unwrap technology updates to our various analytics offerings.

Want a Lasting Career in Marketing? Be an 11 or a 12.
Joe Chernov

For marketers who are thinking about what’s next in their careers, the Internet affords countless articles and papers on professional development. But this talk is a bit different. It’s simple, practical – and full of actionable tips for making the best next steps in your career.  

CMO Joe Chernov relays the advice he gave to his team when he joined InsightSquared: “To have a lasting career in marketing, you need to be an 11 or a 12,” referring to the uniform numbers of two star New England Patriots players, each of whom is valuable for very different reasons: one for versatility, the other for specialization.

Chernov and his team have turned this simple tip into a 40-minute talk that can benefit all marketers, regardless of career stage or sports team preference, who are thinking about how to position themselves for an uncertain future.


  1. Why pursuit of the “T-shaped” persona isn’t for everyone
  2. How to determine if you are in the right role based on your natural tendency toward versatility or specialization
  3. What opportunities and challenges may arise depending on your bias toward versatility or specialization

Web Personalization & ContentAI In The Real World: A Marketer's Tale
JD Nelson
Marketing Operations Manager
Spigit Inc

We all want to use Web Personalization and ContentAI, but how? What's the right use case? How to get started? See real world examples of InZone campaigns (how easy and complex can you make it?), Widgets (do they really work?), Segmentations (what can you use from IP-based targeting versus extracting from Marketo?), email and rich template ContentAI implementation and usage (is it really that easy?), and new reporting (how do I know what to do next?). 

Why GDPR is Good News for Marketers
Peter Bell
Senior Director, EMEA Marketing

As marketers, if we create customer experiences that feel personal and human, that are founded on trust and delivered with care, we will win their hearts and minds. Though the GDPR doesn’t use these terms our goals are the same, namely to respect the rights of our customers and go on to earn their trust. To build and maintain that trust we, as marketers, need to be attuned to the how, when, and why our customers want to be engaged and respect their preferences. How we address these higher expectations around the collection, use, and security of the personal data that we routinely use in the course of our work is key and Marketo can help you meet those expectations.

Why Smart People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive In Spite of It
Valerie Young
International Expert on Imposter Syndrome

Do you chalk your success up to luck, timing, or computer error?


  • Do you believe “If I can do it, anybody can”?
  • Do you agonize over even the smallest flaws in your work?
  • Are you crushed by even constructive criticism, seeing it as evidence of your ineptness?
  • When you do succeed, do you secretly feel like you fooled them again?
  • Do you worry that it’s just a matter of time before you’re “found out?”


If so join the club!


Millions of people – nurses, engineers, business owners, and yes, even marketers – secretly worry they’re not as smart or talented as other people “think” they are.


It’s called the impostor syndrome. And if left unchecked it can lead to costly consequences to individuals – and the bottom line. Fortunately, there is a cure.


In this session you’ll discover:

  1. Perfectly good reasons why even highly successful people feel like frauds
  2. The single biggest difference between people who feel like impostors and those who don’t
  3. The cost of the impostor syndrome to organizations
  4. Practical strategies for interrupting the Impostor Syndrome that you can start using immediately to help yourself and your employees to interrupt the impostor syndrome and end needless self-doubt.

More sessions to come!