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Exclusively for highly experienced Marketo users, the Advanced track is ideal for those looking to join an interactive discussion with Marketo technical experts. Sessions will be held in round-table format providing instruction, consulting, and guidance on advanced topics while encouraging the sharing of best-practices among participants.  Recommended Marketo experience:  3+ years. 


Agenda & Session Topics


Attendees will participate in four sessions throughout the day


Session 1: Advanced Analytics 

We’ve been hearing it for some time now—marketers need to earn a seat at the revenue table. But how do you go about doing that? It all comes down to analytics - your ability to track tactical, strategic and operational metrics that help connect the dots between marketing programs and your contribution to top line growth. With Marketo’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities, you can confidently report on Marketing performance and deliver actionable insight to all levels of your company. 


Session 2: Cross Channel Nurturing 

Marketing in today’s environment is challenging. Buyers are exposed to thousands of brand messages, have endless product options, and complete the majority of their research online. To effectively market in this dynamic and noisy environment, marketers need to adapt and shift their strategy towards engagement marketing—marketing that talks to a buyer in a personalized way, considering who they are, how they act, and where they are in their journey over time. Implementing an engagement marketing strategy is about creating a relationship with individuals across channels instead of blasting out messages broadly. In this session, we will address how to set yourself up for success, choose the right channels and implement cross-channel nurture programs that engage your audience.




Session 3: Custom Objects and Custom Activities 

Custom objects and custom activities enable Marketo to support new channels and interactions – allowing you to tightly align Marketo to your unique business processes. Through custom objects, you can define a single relationship or several relationships between your Marketo leads and the custom object records. And, through custom activities, you can track specific activities of importance to your business, even if they aren’t related to a Marketo form, email, or landing page. In this session, we will focus on use cases for custom objects and custom activities including how to differentiate between objects, fields and activities in Marketo and how to put them into use.


Session 4: Data Operations

Marketing data is often fragmented and isolated across multiple technologies that continue to proliferate. Data quality is often poor and data strategy is commonly weak or nonexistent. This creates a challenge as data is the key to improving your customers’ experience, improving your business intelligence, and streamlining your operations. This session is designed to help you get started in addressing these data challenges.


The Advanced Track is ideal for those with 3+ years of Marketo experience.


Accelerate your Marketo learning and build expertise by attending University Day, with focused instruction, practical exercises, and inspiring presentations by Marketo experts. Sign up to take your Marketo skills to the next level!

University Day is an optional add-on to the Summit 2018 Full Pass

Summit 2018 University Day courses and times are subject to change. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after 5:00 PM (PST) on January 26th, 2018. University Day is not included in the Learning Passport subscription. Please sign up for the track that best fits your experience level.