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2017: The Year of Tough Choices

April 25th at 2:30pm

Location: Room 2001/2003

How the world's most successful marketers decide what to create, where to distribute it, and how to measure it. Facebook or Snapchat? Email or Youtube? Marketing automation or direct mail? Instagram stories or LinkedIn? It's never been easier to be overwhelmed with opportunities to market our products and services to ever growing audiences. Even the most resource-rich brands in the world have to make tough choices. How do we decide what's going to make the biggest impact on our business? It turns out some of the most successful marketers don't see these as choices. In fact, they think the answers are obvious. But how? In this presentation, bestselling author and speaker, Michael Brenner will uncover the simple framework you too can use to decide what activities will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. He'll show you how brands, big and small, have re-invigorated their marketing (and increased sales) by using one simple question that turns you into a champion marketer. You'll embrace the three easy approaches that turn complicated marketing decisions into obvious choices. And, most importantly, Michael will show you how to find the time and resources to do the things that have the greatest impact. Are you ready to rethink your 2017?