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7 Human Behavior Hacks That Increase Engagement & Response

April 25th at 9:30am

Location: Room 2006/2008

The emerging field of "decision science" will soon have a game-changing effect on how marketers communicate. Evidence is uncovered every day by social scientists, neuroscientists and behavioral economists proving people are hardwired to behave in certain ways. And even though customers THINK they are in control, the fact is UP TO 95% of their purchase decisions are made subconsciously. And these automatic behaviors can be prompted! This has huge implications for marketing – how we conduct email campaigns, design pages and display ads, structure offers, write subject lines and content, etc.

By injecting these proven principles of social science into our digital and social creative, we can dramatically increase engagement and response. This session will explore how interactive marketers can incorporate decision science into their work – leveraging surprisingly persuasive scientific principles such as availability bias, scarcity, social proof and choice architecture.

Attendees will:

  • Discover how to hack hardwired human behavior to instantly up response
  • Learn the newest (and easiest) ways to make your copy and art trigger action
  • Gain proven tactics that will increase engagement and results – the next day!