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ABM: Hear from Two Experts that Have Successfully Implemented ABM and Kick your Program into Gear

Gavin Drake
Vice President of Marketing
Rebecah Wiegardt
Account Based Marketing Manager

April 25th at 3:30pm

Location: Room 2014/2016

Account-Based Marketing is the new favorite child of B2B marketers everywhere but what are the benefits, how do you get started and where does Marketo’s new ABM module fit in? In this session you’ll hear from two seasoned marketing professionals at GoAnimate and Quark Software who both run Account-Based Marketing programs and were amongst the first to implement Marketo ABM. Gain insights from the experience of companies that have put account-based marketing into action, Discover the benefits of investing in ABM, Learn how to integrate the sales organization into an ABM program, Hear why Marketo ABM was selected and how it fits into the overall marketing technology stack, Takeaway real-world ABM tips to ensure your ABM adventure gets off to the best possible start