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Adweek Series: Marketing Sciences: It's About the "Me" in All of Us

Robert Gibbs
Global Director, Marketing Strategy & Science, Google Cloud
Todd Paris
Managing Director, Internet of Things
Deloittle Digital

April 25th at 2:30pm

Location: Room 2002/2004

The offline-marketing gurus tell us where you live determines who you are. The online marketing gurus tell us the sites you visit determine who you are. Both are true, but neither are complete. The reality is that “we” are all individuals that are chaotically defined from minute to minute and location to location. It’s machine learning powered by online and offline data that completes our understanding of who we are. Awash in offline and online data, it’s Marketing Sciences that make sense of it all. Join Deloitte Digital and Google to discuss how we use marketing sciences to make sense of the “me” in all of us.