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Aligning the Stars: Global and Regional Teams Unite

Ashleigh Davis
Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation and Operations
Trend Micro Incorporated
Brendan Farnand
Director, Global Operations
Trend Micro Incorporated
Gary Verster
Senior Marketing Operations Manager
Trend Micro Incorporated

April 24th at 2:15pm

Location: Room 2009/2011

Marketing departments within global organizations face an interesting balance of aligning globally around a singular message, while giving regional teams the autonomy to execute a core strategy creatively. With 58 offices across five global business units, Trend Micro has mastered the art of transcending culture and time zones to build a functional team that works together flawlessly and executes seamlessly.

In this session you will learn how this organization managed a MarTech stack overhaul and you will walk away with practical ideas to:

  • Engage global stakeholders to reach common decisions
  • Standardize tools, processes, and operations
  • Spend more time executing your campaigns and strategies
  • Open channels of communication to enable collaboration and innovation
  • Establish common nomenclature, definitions, and a foundation for reporting and analysis