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Be the Exception! How Brilliant Marketers Get Bigger Results by Doing it Their Way

Jay Acunzo
Unthinkable Media

April 26th at 10:30am

Location: Room 2002/2004

We're both lucky - and unlucky - to do business in this era. While we have access to the world's information in an instant, it's oftentimes an absolute nightmare to make sense of it all. Today we have millions of definitive guides, new trends, emerging channels and experts barking rules at us. But guess what? While these might feel like hard-and-fast rules, it turns out YOU are the exception to all of it.

Documentary host and former content marketing executive Jay Acunzo will teach you how to make the leap from average to exceptional. You'll learn how to understand - and thrive - in the specific, messy context of your team, company, customers, and self, all of which makes much of today's generalized advice insufficient. And he'll encourage you to break from conventional thinking as the smart, obvious path. You'll walk away ready to make the leap from average to exceptional and make your own impact in this noisy world. It's not about spending top dollar, rethinking everything you do, or obsessing over the newest trends or gurus. It's about honing and trusting your own intuition as you take one simple step at a time. Are you ready to be an exception?