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Building a Lean Mean Lead Gen Machine: Advancing the Engagement Maturity Curve

Kate Cindric Federhar
Manager of Marketing Operations
Travis Campbell
Sr. Enterprise Value Advisor

April 24th at 11:30am

Location: Room 2022/2024

This session will show you how to create a lead generation machine sales organizations love. We will break down real-world examples along the Marketo Engagement Maturity Curve to open the floodgates for your sales teams. We will show examples that you can pick and choose from to implement now, and longer term strategies to start aiming for.

The four states of the engagement marketing maturity curve include:

  • Reactive: Point in time single channel campaigns
  • Preventative: Continuous campaigns
  • Proactive: Personalized Conversations across channels
  • Transformative: Lifelong relationships across channels