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Digital Marketing in the Age of Cybercrime: RSA's CMO Reveals What Every Marketer Must Know

Holly Rollo
Chief Marketing Officer

April 24th at 2:15pm

Location: Room 2002/2004

Innovations in marketing technology have revolutionized how companies go to market. As a result, marketing has become the biggest buyer of technology in many companies. To quickly build out their modern marketing infrastructures, however, many CMOs are creating “shadow IT” groups to integrate the host of cloud-based applications that will become the digital engine for their sales teams and the front lobby of their brands. Traditionally, CIOs and CSOs have been responsible for securing enterprise and business IT infrastructure. But in the new digital marketing world, much of this infrastructure is now running without proper security oversight. Are CMOs and other marketing leaders unintentionally creating business and reputational risk for the very brands they should be stewarding? As modern marketers, we must now play a more active role in cybersecurity. In her talk, Holly will:

  • Share examples of security breaches (such as the DNC) which gained entry through marketing
  • Outline the needed cross-collaboration between security and marketing leaders
  • Offer security best practices for evaluating martech vendors
  • Unveil findings from new research polling marketing and IT leaders on cybersecurity