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Fake It Til You Make It: A Practical Marketer's Guide to Taking Over the World

Dory Viscogliosi
Senior Marketing Operations Manager
Datto, Inc.
Jenn DiMaria
Marketing Automation Consultant
RevEngine Marketing
Juli James
Assistant Professor in Digital Marketing
St. Edwards University

April 24th at 1:15pm

Location: Room 2010

The old adage "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" holds true today, but it boils down to so much more than just clothing. The worlds of Marketing, Technology, and Automation are constantly evolving, new technologies and ideas are being created, and nobody has all of the answers. But, what you can have is all of the confidence in the world, and you will go far. This session will go over the experiences of several women who have excelled in their careers with Marketo -- and not always because they had the experience that was a requisite for the position that they accepted. You will leave with the confidence that though you might not always know the answer, you will be able to get to the answer. You will also learn the techniques that these women use to ensure that they're viewed as leaders in their organization and their community, that can be used in your own life. Come empower yourself, and learn how to Fake It Til You Make It with some of the best of the Marketo Champions.