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Fake News, Public Distrust & the New Era of Marketing

Gerry McGovern
Founder & CEO
Customer Carewords

April 25th at 8:30am

Location: Room 2006/2008

Trust is not simply in decline in the Western world, it is plummeting – and across all major institutions including government, business and the media. Leadership is also in peril, with CEO credibility at an all-time low. Traditional marketing has reached a crisis point. As customer attention becomes scarce, and cynicism, skepticism and distrust grows, traditional marketers – instead of trying to rebuild credibility – are feeding the fires with increasingly intrusive and annoying marketing and advertising. The future of marketing? It’s all about engaging and retaining your current customers, not getting new ones. Customers trust their peers far more than brands, so turn them into your best sales reps. To do this, marketing must become credible, real and useful – losing its obsession with the campaign, and the hunt to acquire new customers, and focusing more on service and creating genuinely compelling customer experiences. Join Gerry to hear how you can apply the "new marketing" to your business. And, hear more from his latest book, "Transform: A Rebel's Guide for Digital Transformation."