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Firefighter or Director of Marketing? Can you tell?

Bo Bandy
Director Strategic Marketing
Gogo Business Aviation

April 24th at 1:15pm

Location: Room 2005/2007

For most marketers, the career path includes time spent in a director-level role. If you’re not already there, then you’ve probably heard the saying, “The fastest way to get there, is to do the job you want,” so what does the job of a director of marketing look like?

This session will cover the ins and outs of being a director of marketing and how the role is not unlike one of being a firefighter:

  • Get and train a crew: hiring and growing the right team with the right skills to ensure the job gets done
  • Response time: identifying and prioritizing the most important projects
  • Battle the blaze: growing revenue in meaningful and sustainable ways
  • Ladders and hoses: picking the right tools for the right jobs
  • Reducing risk: measuring the right metrics to make the right budget and execution decisions

 If you’re currently a director of marketing or wanting to prepare for the next step, you’ll walk away with tips, tricks and best practices that will make you, your team and your company more successful.