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From Marketing to Operations: How to Connect Your Nurture to Product Fulfillment with the API

Alex Greger
Sr. Demand Generation Technologist
Hileman Group

April 24th at 2:15pm

Location: Room 2018/2020

Marketo, as a platform, is well-known for its ongoing nurture capabilities, sales enablement, holistic reporting, drag-and-drop functionality and many other great features. However, one aspect that does not receive much recognition is its API. Marketo’s API allows you to communicate and execute different tasks and capabilities with 3rd party platforms, such as CRM systems, ad tech, and many others. The API can be used for many different tasks, including data sharing, triggering tasks, and reporting. Utilizing Marketo and its API as a lead capture, qualifier and router can successfully build an ongoing product fulfillment program that connects nurture campaigns all the way through to product fulfillment using third party fulfillment companies. The example I will share was used to fulfill a sample product request for a sanitizing and cleaning agent for healthcare providers. In this presentation, you will learn how marketers (using a little custom dev help) can utilize Marketo and its API to automate and simplify a complex fulfillment operation that will save you time and money!