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From Personalization to Individualization: Micro-targeting and Big Data

Michael Fauscette
Chief Research Officer

April 25th at 3:30pm

Location: Room 2005/2007

Personalization based on segmentation, when applied online, was the standard for the last 17-18 years. Amazon pioneered the use of shopping history and transaction data to target like segments. Today though, there’s just too much noise for personalization to continue to produce the kind of results you need. We are now in the age of micro-targeting or individualized campaigns based on big data and more granular social platforms. In this session we will look at: The difference between personalization and individualization including the technology to deliver; How to utilize available ad platforms and email to deliver to the correct audience, the individual; The role of big data, turned into smart data in the marketing process. This will include a more detailed look at traditional data brokers and the growing number of data as a service offerings; Case studies from recent examples of individualization in action