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Fundamental Program Templates: Five Templates You Need to Scale Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Edward Unthank
Founder and Lead Marketing Technology Consultant

April 25th at 9:30am

Location: Room 2010

Feel like you’re building every new email program from scratch every time, and there just has to be a better way? Do you end up spending countless hours making minuscule, ineffective tweaks to CTA colors, line spacing, and subheadline length? There is a better way for you to create programs in less than half the time, reduce errors, and reduce SLAs to launch marketing programs for your prospects: program templates. In this session, we’ll cover off on the fundamental program templates that you need to scale your digital marketing in Marketo. There will be two categories: Core: Content, Emails, List imports Advanced: Webinar template, Event template We’ll be showing you the Marketo insides of these best-in-class templates, what we tokenize and why, and show you the literal templates you’ll be able to create to make your life easier (and scalable).