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Get Past the Noise: Building a Sustainable Data Management Strategy for Keeps

Kristin Johnson
Sr. Marketing Automation Manager
Jama Software
Sean Crowley
Director of Product & Customer Marketing

April 26th at 9:30am

Location: Room 2022/2024

There’s a lot of chatter in the marketing world around data chaos, complexity and the importance of interconnecting data across systems. The end game is to align marketing efforts across online and offline channels and systems to ensure engagement with the right audience at the right time across the right channel. Despite not being a new topic, it continues to be recognized as a top challenge for demand generation and digital marketing managers alike. So why are we still talking about it? Join us to hear how Jama Software designed and implemented data strategies to drive better segmentation, targeting and demand generation programs within their marketing organization. These are your data masters – mastering their data demons and helping to unlock growth opportunities across their go-to-market channels. Whether you are responsible for demand generation, digital advertising, marketing operations or all of the above, the importance of great data cannot be overstated. A thoughtful data management strategy can be a catalyst to support both long and short term initiatives across your marketing mix. This session will explore how you prioritize data initiatives and deliver quick wins to your team based on the learnings and tips from those that have traveled the path previously. Don’t miss out.