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HOOKED: How Clever Brands Create Addictive Content that Drives Revenue

Andrew Davis
Monumental Shift

April 26th at 9:30am

Location: Room 2002/2004

We live in an information overload world. Our clients and customers are swimming in a see of commodity content: the raw material of the online world. To stand out in a world where 17 new web pages are published every second, we're going to need to create content that fits into the information our audience actually wants to consume. We're going to have to get them hooked on our content. In this high-energy, action-packed, session, former television producer and agency executive Andrew Davis, will help you create content so good it’s addictive. He'll show you how smart brands, big and small, have used compelling content to own tiny parts of their audience's lives. Andrew will help you leverage the talented leaders in your organization to distribute content that builds relationships: relationships that build trust: trust that drives revenue. You'll learn the five simple secrets to creating a hook: a simple twist on a familiar theme designed to entrap or ensnare your audience. He'll show you the lessons he learned while working at the Muppets and help you apply them to your marketing strategy.