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Hot to Bot: Chatbots & the Conversational Economy

Aneesh Desikan
Social Media and Collaboration Practice lead, North America
Accenture Interactive
Kris Bober
Senior Manager Social Media & Collaboration Practice, North America
Accenture Interactive
Rob Harles
Managing Director, Global Lead, Social Media & Collaboration
Accenture Interactive

April 25th at 8:30am

Location: Room 3014/3016

Customers spend 90% of their time on mobile devices and rapidly migrating from apps to messenger platforms. In this Conversational Economy, communication and commerce will happen via Chatbot, disrupting the way customers interact with brands. This session will discuss the next battleground -- the rise of the Chatbot -- and how traditionally transactional brands are using A.I. and machine learning to transform the way they interact with customers, impacting their lives in a personalized, relevant way. Join the speakers as they demonstrate specific Chatbots transforming the way major brands across Retail, Telecommunications and Utilities engage with customers and, most importantly, make them feel like they matter.