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How the San Francisco Giants Transformed CX to Become Baseball's Marketing MVPs

Bryan Srabian
Vice President, Brand Development & Digital Media
San Francisco Giants

April 25th at 2:30pm

Location: Room 2006/2008

The success of any baseball team comes down to two things: selling tickets and selling sponsorships. And the San Francisco Giants - currently the fourth-most valuable team in MLB - is expert at doing both. What's their secret to success? How has a 130-year-old organization become one of the hottest brands in baseball? And a brand that's a relevant as any SnapChat or Uber in terms of attracting younger generations of customers. Come learn their playbook! The Giants' VP of Brand Development and Digital Media has been with the franchise for more than a decade, and has helped lead the digital transformation responsible for turning casual customers into avid fans. The ballpark team's marketing efforts, including the creation of unique ballpark experiences and capitalizing on its players' personalities, have played a huge part in creating one of the most successful brands in baseball. Learn how the Giants have become the brand customers want to be connected with - whether the team is in first or last place. Find out how you can apply the same principles to your business and hit your own home runs in CX.