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In the Trenches: Fighting to Keep Data Integrity

Jenny Robertson
Vice President, Marketing Technology
Sarah Shelnut
Director, Strategy
Taylor Enfinger
Senior Marketing Automation Technology Consultant

April 25th at 8:30am

Location: Room 2018/2020

Big Data continues to be a top trend in 2017, with proper data management allowing Digital Marketers endless opportunities; including the ability to engage buyers at every stage of the Buyers Journey through data segmentations and targeted messaging. So, how do you ensure that you are fighting the good fight for data integrity and maximizing your Marketo campaigns? Like any battle, the key to winning is a combination of efforts that includes utilizing a solid strategy, aligning your forces, and fearlessly executing on the task at hand. Join 3 Marketo Champions in the trenches as they fight the good fight against dirty data. Key takeaways include:

  • Basic Drills: The Importance of progressive profiling
  • Aligning your Forces: Picklist value and forms best practices
  • Clearing Patrol: Data Audits and issues to look for
  • Ambush: Ways you can clean and improve your database on your own
  • Preparing your New Recruits: List Import Best Practices
  • Trailing the Enemy: Efficient ways to use the Marketo audit trail
  • Trusted Allies: Data Partners in Marketo Launchpoint