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Learn the Dark Side of the Forms: Seduce your Customers to Provide their Personal Secrets

Robb Barrett
Marketing Automation Manager
GE Healthcare

April 25th at 9:30am

Location: Room 2018/2020

Give yourself to the dark side, it’s the only way you can save your programs. If you only knew the power of the Forms API and how, mixed with a little HTML and CSS, you can end your boring design habits and bring order to your workspace. I too was once afraid of the power of script and APIs, now I do not fear the dark side. It has brought me freedom, innovation and job security. Don’t be proud of the programs you’ve constructed using the LP editor. The ability to insert a form and designate a Thank You page is insignificant next to the power of the Forms API. When you left your home you were but a learner. You’ll return a master. This session provides you the opportunity to speak to me with your thoughts on how forms should be used. It’s a great chance to breathe after being on the run with sessions all day. Marketing automation is a great gig and you can make a lot of money if you prove yourself innovative. As a Marketo Champion, I try not to be “us” and “them” about it but if your main concern is about making a font any color you like then the nerdiness of this session might give you some brain damage.