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Leveraging Custom Objects and IoT to Expand the Reach of Marketing

Stephen Baker
Maketing Automation Program Manager
Amazon Web Services

April 25th at 3:30pm

Location: Room 2009/2011

As the number of channels grows, the potential touchpoints through which marketers can engage customers and understand their behaviors is rapidly expanding. Now more than ever, we need to leverage the cloud, simplify development and streamline innovation in order to expand the reach of marketing.

In this session we’ll walk you through how to:

  • Handle one-to-many relationships in our data by leveraging Marketo Custom Objects and custom activity to connect to more customer touch points in your ecosystem.
  • Architect and build a marketing technology solution that can scale and accommodate ad-hoc marketing needs while not sacrificing automation.
  • Lightly touch on how to leverage Amazon Web Services: API Gateway, Lambda, MobileHub, and IoT to expand the reach of your Marketo instance across the entire buyer's journey.

You won’t want to miss this one!