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Look Sharp! Data Visualization for Marketing Ninjas

Martin Kihn
Research VP, Gartner for Marketing Leaders

April 25th at 2:30pm

Location: Room 2009/2011

Because humans are visual creatures, we tend to think of visualization as an innate skill. In fact, presenting data in visual form is a difficult craft – and it relies on principles that must be learned.

The most common application of visualization in marketing today is dashboards. So why are so many marketing leaders – from the CMO on down – still struggling to realize their value? Designed by analysts too far removed from the business, most marketing dashboards are heavy on numbers and charts, but skimpy on powerful decision support.

There is a solution. And it starts with the realization that a dashboard is not to inform or educate, but instead to drive action. Using best practices derived from decades of experience and client input, Gartner’s digital marketing expert Martin Kihn will walk attendees through the fundamentals of building a marketing dashboard that works. From this session, marketing leaders at all levels can learn:

  • How to build a marketing dashboard that tells a story
  • Time-tested design principles and visual-narrative techniques
  • How real-life CMOs transformed their marketing dashboards into strategic business drivers