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Millennial Mindset: Embracing Digital Change, Collaboration and Community

Brian Fanzo
iSocialFanz LLC

April 24th at 3:30pm

Location: Room 2005/2007

Brian will walk you through the changes that have drastically shifted the mindsets of both the digital dinosaurs and the digital natives as employees and customers.

You will learn:

  • Millennials make up over 50% of today's workforce. Creating personas in marketing around those born during certain years can be valuable but with a multi-generational workforce is essential to understand that a Millennial Mindset is not restricted to employees of a certain age.
  • Collaboration isn't about everyone having a task. Successful collaboration enables everyone to focus on what they do the best. Not every employee needs to be a social employee but every employee plays an important role in a brand's storytelling efforts.
  • The 3 T's Trust, Training, Tools. Social business tools enable scale, management, and reporting. Too often tools are thrown at people problems. The order of the 3T's is even more important than the implementation of each - address human needs before technology.