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New Amplification Strategies for integrating Display and eMail Advertising

Dana Cutter
Senior Director, Marketing Communications
Lani Shotlow-Rincon
Marketing Manager

April 25th at 4:45pm

Location: Room 2005/2007

New data-driven approaches for Programmatic/Display advertising can help you blow out your account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. Learn how you can integrate your Digital Ads campaigns with your eMail campaigns to improve engagement within ABM lists. During this session we will walk you through a new cloud-based approach that can help you seamlessly integrate Deterministic Data Vendors (DnB) with Demand-Side Platforms and Data Management Providers for fully integrated email, display and social reach campaigns. We will show you how we are targeting key accounts with email, programmatic advertising and social reach (Facebook and LinkedIn) by: targeting segments with our Deterministic Data Vendor (DnB), mapping cookies/Mobile IDs to these segments/accounts, placing pixels on our microsites for retargeting businesses and to support look-a-like targeting, sharing our segments with our Demand-Side Partner and advertising agency for ad targeting, and creating ability to turn anonymous visitors to our site into known accounts with Data Management Providers. Integrating data across the cloud and within our Marketo CRM is helping us increase engagement with businesses by over 400%. Making our ad spending more efficient means we can support more markets without asking for additional funds from senior management.