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Profit Center Marketing: Aligning and Measuring Teams Around Business Impact

Matt Heinz
Heinz Marketing Inc.

April 24th at 1:15pm

Location: Room 2006/2008

It's easy to talk about revenue responsibility from the marketing department. But truly living that promise is another thing entirely. Too many marketers still promote activities over results, operational scorecards over sales pipelines, quantity over quality. Operating marketing as a profit center requires complete alignment at every level with other departments, with business objectives and metrics, as well as often a fundamental shift in daily behavior and decision-making by marketers at every level of the organization. What does it take to transform your team from a perceived cost center to a business-leading profit center? How do you change focus, objectives, scorecards and even culture to align more purely behind business priorities you can buy a beer with? This session will cover best practices from marketing departments and leaders who have made that shift, along with an interactive discussion giving you new insights and a blueprint for managing that kind of change in your organization.