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SiriusDecisions Reveals Six Rules to Play the ABM Game Better Than Anyone

Megan Heuer
VP, Research

April 25th at 8:30am

Location: Room 2002/2004

It’s a wonderful thing when a trend actually lives up to the hype, and account-based marketing surely delivers. What makes ABM special, compared to all those other so-called “game changers” in marketing we’ve seen come and go? ABM actually does change the game, but you have to play by new rules and use the right equipment if you’re going to win big. Believe the ABM hype, but be willing to put in the right effort to get those great returns.

What sets apart teams who win big with ABM, compared to those who doom themselves to lackluster results and frustration? In this session, you’ll hear six secrets we’ve discovered from our SiriusDecisions clients and what we know works best! Attendees will also learn:

  • Why ABM is so attractive to top marketing talent? How does it inspire teams to deliver exceptional outcomes?
  • How to set goals and define metrics for ABM that truly reflect the reality of an account-centric model
  • Which technologies make up the ideal ABM stack to deliver both quality and scale for your program
  • How to avoid the biggest ABM mistakes