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TAKE MY MONEY! Stop Saying This to Agencies & Ad Networks and Use Automation to Increase Conversion

Andy Schick
Head of Marketing Automation

April 26th at 10:30am

Location: Room 2014/2016

Well meaning marketers of yesteryear are well versed in writing briefs asking ad agencies to Take. Their. Money. Today’s marketers are high performance conversion designers, squeezing every ounce of value from what they already have, making the most of every dollar spent, and giving surprising and delightful experiences to those who encounter them and their brands in the process. Join Andy Schick to learn how to effectively use what you’ve already got to target well, but more than that, to be INTERESTING and ENGAGING and USEFUL and CLEVER. Not only will you enjoy your job more, but you’ll vastly improves the customer relationship with your brand, reduce your ad spend and all but compel your boss to give you a well deserved raise. This will be a fun and light-hearted session of storytelling, thoughts and ideas, giving examples of effective campaigns executed across multiple business models, and some free ideas waiting to be taken out for a spin.