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The New Da Vinci Code: Balancing Art and Science in Modern Marketing

Peter Horst
Global CMO
Hershey's (former)

April 25th at 3:30pm

Location: Room 2006/2008

The power and capabilities offered by marketing technology, data analytics and now artificial intelligence bring dazzling new possibilities to marketers. More and more of the marketing decisioning and execution are being automated—but at what risk to that critical human element of inspiration, creativity and long-term brand thinking that machines can’t (yet) provide? Join world-renown marketing executive Peter Horst for a thought-provoking discussion into how modern marketers must balance human judgment with the gravitational pull of marketing technology.

Today, just about every organization is at some stage in the journey towards a digital transformation. As a CMO who’s led significant digital transformations, first at Capital One and then at Hershey, Horst will share his experience and best practices for making sure digital initiatives deliver the true benefits CMOs seek. In other words, how marketing leaders can make digital strategies fit the brand - not the other way around!

During this session, hear how to:

  • Practice "whole-brain marketing" to avoid losing the art in all the science
  • Plan and execute channel agnostically
  • Take a Maslow’s hierarchy approach to marketing - and start with the fundamentals!