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The Ultimate "Un-Brand": How Taylor Swift Revolutionized Marketing

Martin Kihn
Research VP, Gartner for Marketing Leaders

April 25th at 8:30am

Location: Room 2001/2003

Taylor Swift has been called the “most marketable brand in history” and the “most beloved icon in recent memory” And her appeal is oddly democratic: people who don’t agree on anything, agree on Taylor.

Why is Taylor Swift such a successful brand? To find out her secret, Gartner's digital marketing expert Martin Kihn did some market research and spun up a social-network analysis of her fans. The result? Turns out she broke all the traditional brand rules, challenged a number of assumptions across a range of marketing disciplines, and transformed herself into the ultimate "unbrand."

What's the takeaway for your own brand? Join Martin's talk to learn:

  • The secret genius of Taylor Swift: how she became a master marketer:
  • Her key to success: breaking 7 brand rules
  • How U Can 2: Turn a "Blank Space" into your "Wildest Dreams"