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What's Your Story? How Powerful Narratives Drive Great Companies

Deb Lavoy
Narrative Builders

April 24th at 11:30am

Location: Room 2002/2004

Are you telling marketing stories or building a powerful, long-term narrative?

A strong, structured narrative can become the backbone of a long-term multi-faceted marketing effort. It can guide business, content and even product decisions. It makes for a more cohesive message, better stories, and a customer experience that makes sense.

Narratives are not vague constructs created by advertising agencies or charismatic CEOs. Marketers can actually measure the strength of their corporate narratives, gaining a clear, prioritized list of where and how to invest for big, measurable impact.

Join Narrative Builders' CEO Deb Lavoy to learn how you can measure, understand and strengthen your own corporate narrative. Hear examples of brands that built robust narratives - and a few who didn't - and their direct correlation to business performance. Attendees will leave knowing:

  • What is a narrative and how can it help my company?
  • How do I assess - and build - my company's narrative?
  • How are marketing strategy and narrative aligned?

[NOTE: Attendees are invited to join a follow-up workshop hosted by Deb Lavoy - "How Strong Is Your Narrative? Come Find Out!" - to scorecard the strength of their own company's narrative, and get to work on strengthing it!]