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Your CEO & You: The Marketing Metrics That Matter

Tom O'Regan

April 25th at 2:30pm

Location: Room 2005/2007

As a marketer, you're surrounded by numbers. Website visitors, page views, video views, impressions and click-through rates are everyday currency to you, and often are the best way to understand the success - or failure - of specific parts of your account-based marketing machine. But when it comes to taking these numbers to your CEO, know this: just because something can be counted, doesn't mean it counts.

Many marketers continue to use legacy metrics that measure tactics for specific stages of the buying cycle. But to a b-to-b marketer, they're just pieces of your account-based marketing machine. Each bit does its job, but it's the final result that matters.

How can you make sure your marketing efforts are driving against the #1 metric your CEO cares about: the company's growth? Join the CEO of MadisonLogic to learn:

  • How to identify the right metrics for your ABM program
  • Best practice examples from successful marketing programs
  • The risks for all marketers in not making this important shift